What is the best thing about Austin?

The best thing about Austin is the social scene. Austin is undoubtedly the most underrated city for amazing music gigs, parties, food, art and sporting events. There is literally something for everyone. If you love music, there is Austin City Limits (a festival with a similar lineup to Lollapalooza) and SXSW (a music, film and interactive festival and conference). There are great live acts playing all the time - there’s a reason why Austin is the self-proclaimed live music capital of the world! More of a bar-goer? There’s the infamous 6th street, lined with bars. Being in Texas, you can also 14 find a mechanical bull or two. Enjoy the outdoors? It may surprise you, but Texas is not as dry as it seems. Paddle boarding, rock climbing and floating down the river are great ways to enjoy the sunshine. Love sports? College football is a religion at Texas so expect to be tailgating every 2nd Saturday if you’re there for football season, and for burnt orange to be everywhere (the colour of Texas’ team).

What unexpected challenges did you face?

Enrolling into classes was an unexpected challenge. Many of the classes I wished to enrol in were full, so it’s best to have as many options and courses approved as possible prior to leaving. You don’t want to be stressing about it while you are travelling and settling into your dorm or apartment. Having said that, the exchange offices at both UT and UNSW were extremely accommodating and are always willing to help you get into the classes you need.

Vanessa Ip & Louise Lau