Why did you choose the region?

I chose this region for three main reasons. First, UOG provided some excellent electives that I was keen on taking. These included European Union (EU) Law, Judicial Control of the EU and other EU and international law based subjects. I am studying law because I have a growing interest and passion for protecting human rights, and UOG housed some of the best lecturers and electives that appealed to me.

Second, Scotland has an English speaking system, which I believed was the best option for learning the specific areas of law that I was keen about. Finally, it is without doubt that Glasgow, and Scotland in general, is one of the most beautiful places. It was also conveniently located around other countries that I wanted to visit whilst on exchange.

Was there anything you wish you knew before hand and what were some of the challenges that you faced?

It would have been ideal if I had known more about the electives and teaching styles before I chose this university. I found that UOG had a different approach to teaching law, compared to UNSW. At first I had trouble adjusting to finding readings by yourself, closed book exams and not receiving feedback until the end of the course. However, as I spent more time in the system, I acknowledged that the teaching style at UOG very relaxed and grew accustomed to it.

What did you enjoy most about exchange?

My favorite part of exchange is twofold. First, I chose UOG for the electives offered and I was not disappointed. The course materials were covered efficiently and I returned to Sydney with an abundance of knowledge and skills into areas of EU and international law. Second, I was fortunate to have found great friends whilst abroad and do some travelling with them. The semester breaks at UOG are longer and more flexible than at UNSW and you definitely get plenty of opportunities to travel!

Niru Palanivel