What did you enjoy most about exchange?

Hong Kong is so much more than just a big city! It was amazing meeting people from all over the world and exploring together, which involved everything from hiking to waterfalls and an infinity pool, going to the beach, hiring bikes, visiting different nearby islands via ferry, taking a trip to Macau, partying in Central and Wan Chai, and of course, eating endless amounts of delicious food!

Was there anything you wish you knew before hand and what were some of the challenges that you faced?

I’ve been to Hong Kong before, so there’s nothing I can really think of that I wish I’d known before exchange that’s specific to Hong Kong. Although, to be honest, I can’t think of anything that I specifically wasn’t prepared for. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is out of the city centre, so you’re going to spend plenty of time on the MTR (the Hong Kong subway system). CUHK is quite a hilly campus and while there’s a campus mini bus that operates, you’ll find yourself walking a bit!

What unexpected challenges did you face?

For such a modern city, it surprised me to find that lots of places don’t take credit card (including taxis), so it’s handy to keep cash on you at all times!

What word of advice do you have to anyone going on exchange?

Take every opportunity available to you - participate in campus life and get involved with students (from all over the world) who are completing their entire degrees in HK! The local students are invaluable when it comes to discovering the cheap supermarkets, the best bars and other general information that makes the experience different to that of the average tourist! Also, HK is such a convenient hub in terms of travel to other destinations! Take full advantage of the range of destinations that are a convenient short flight away!