2019 Cabinet

The UNSW Law Society Cabinet is a student elected group who oversee the day-to-day operations of the Law Society. Led by the Presidents, Natasha and Fletcher, the team consists of 10 Vice-Presidents, a Secretary and a Treasurer governing each of our portfolios.

Check out each Cabinet member’s profile below for more information on the exciting initiatives you can get involved in!


Vice-President (Activities) - Nicola Ray

[Portfolio Description Pending]

To contact Nicola, email activities@unswlawsoc.org


Vice-President (Administration) - Justin Song

[Portfolio Description Pending]

To contact Justin, email administration@unswlawsoc.org


Vice-President (Education) - Aanika Matin

[Portfolio Description Pending]

To contact Aanika, email education@unswlawsoc.org


Vice-President (International) - Holly Yuan

[Portfolio Description Pending]

To contact Holly, email international@unswlawsoc.org


Vice-President (JD/PG) - Emma McQuaid

[Portfolio Description Pending]

To contact Emma, email jdpg@unswlawsoc.org


Vice-President (Mooting) - Leigh Gordon

Mooting is a simulated courtroom experience in which two teams of two students each argue either side of a hypothetical fact scenario before a bench of three volunteer judges. The primary goal of this Portfolio is to encourage student participation in this extracurricular activity, both internally and externally. We are responsible, internally, for the Beginners, Intermediate and Senior Mooting Competitions, as well as the Open Moot. We are also responsible for the selection and supervision of UNSW’s external mooting teams, who participate both nationally and internationally.

Our aim and motivation is twofold: to help students establish and improve the skills that will see them through their degrees and legal careers, and to introduce students to other members of their cohorts and the UNSW Law community, thereby encouraging an inclusive and judgement-free learning environment.

Mooting is an extracurricular that every law student should try at least once. It is a literal life-changer!

To contact Leigh, email mooting@unswlawsoc.org.


Vice-President (Private Law Careers) - Stephanie Bian

[Portfolio Description Pending]

To contact Stephanie, email privatelawcareers@unswlawsoc.org


Vice-President (Public Interest Careers) - Jim Tong

[Portfolio Description Pending]

To contact Jim, email publicinterestcareers@unswlawsoc.org


Secretary - Ashton Cook

The Secretariat is principally responsible for all governance and compliance matters for UNSW Law Society Incorporated. We ensure that LawSoc meets all of its legal obligations. The Secretariat is also responsible for liaising with Arc and the Law Faculty.

To contact Ashton, email secretary@unswlawsoc.org


Vice President (Skills) - Leon Delnawaz

[Portfolio Description Pending]

To contact Leon, email skills@unswlawsoc.org


Vice-President (Social Justice) - Sophie Berton

[Portfolio Description Pending]

To contact Sophie, email socialjustice@unswlawsoc.org



Treasurer - Matt Shields

[Portfolio Description Pending]

To contact Matt, email treasurer@unswlawsoc.org