The UNSW Law Faculty offers a diverse range of electives, allowing final year students to tailor their learning to their interests and future aspirations. For many, it is a time of stimulation and challenge, as students take an active part in their learning pathways.

However, the quality and sheer number of these courses often make this choice difficult. The Electives Guide seeks to reduce this pressure by providing you with the expert opinions and insights of the lecturers and students who have experienced this course.

It is our vision that their perspectives will facilitate more informed decisions, and enrich your time at UNSW Law. For further information, it is recommended that you read the Course Outline, check out the UNSW Law Society Discussion Forum, or contact the course convenor for your respective elective. 

Note: The list of subjects reviewed below are only intended to serve as a reflection based on prior students' experiences. The actual offerings are subject to change each semester and we recommend visiting the UNSW Law timetable planner.

Table of Contents

Commercial Law

Competition & Consumer Law

Contract Law

Criminal Law

Different Legal Systems - Overseas Electives

Experential Learning

Family Law

Human Rights Law

International Law

Land, Environment and Planning Law

Legal Theory

Litigation, Advocacy and Dispute Resolution

Media, Communications, Technology and Intellectual Property

Private Law

Public and Constitutional Law

Sports Law