LAWS3241/JURD7641 Jewish Law

Student: Monica Baird

Please give us a brief overview of the main topics studied in the course
Jewish Law is relevant to people of all different faiths and even people who are Atheist or Agnostic, as debate is highly encouraged in class discussion. Topics on ethics and morality about law, the function of the Jewish legal system in its traditional form, and how this may be applicable in a modern context, will be evaluated. The course also examines the balance between achieving continuity and change in relation to Jewish law. Other topics include: divorce, property, abortion, and same-sex marriage.

What was the assessment structure like?
The assessment guideline is essay-based exams and short answer exam question take-homes on legal problems.

What did you like about the course?
Knowledge of Hebrew is not necessary, as traditional texts are translated into English commentaries. Also, students are emailed a number of materials which is fantastic because you don’t have to worry about buying course materials. I liked the interactive and non-judgemental nature of the course, the fact that it provoked thinking about issues in so many ways, and the friendly and welcoming environment of the lecturer. Many religious people from other faiths joined the group as well as people from Atheist backgrounds. This was great for class discussion and encouraged class debate on relevant legal issues. I strongly recommend taking the course because you will feel fulfilled after approaching the legal system through a new lens!