JURD7781 International Human Rights

Student: Peter Spinos

Human rights law has now become a major discourse dealing with injustice. We are all familiar with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or at the very least aware of its existence. It is the common language to express injustice. Groups from all over the world have argued human rights violations on the basis of international human rights law.

In terms of the structure of the course, the first part of the module gives you the general tools to understand how international human rights law works.

This involves an introduction to the key concepts, debates, documents and institutions, while encouraging critical analysis of ideas through group discussion. When you have acquired the basics of international human rights law, the second part of the module allows you to study a particular topic that you are interested in. In this way the program prepares you to dig into a subject that you really care about in a substantive way.

These kinds of substantive opportunities really matter when you are deciding your future career because these will be the experiences you draw from when you are speaking in an interview or explaining your passion and interest in a subject. If you are cognisant of how you as a law student will be able to partner with other people who are committed to change and fighting injustice, I highly recommend this course.