LAWS3173/JURD7573 Unfair Contracts

Student: Diya Pacheco

What is a brief overview of the course?
Unfair contracts extends LAWS1075 (Contracts) to explore in detail the Australian Consumer Law, particularly with regard to Exclusion clauses, the UCTL, Unconscionability, Unjust contracts and Good faith.

What were the course assessments and your thoughts about them?
There are a number of different assessment methods used, however May Fong Cheong amends this every semester according to feedback from the previous semester’s class. In Semester 1, 2016, we were assessed on class participation, a topical essay, seminar presentation and final open book exam.

What did you like about the course?
From weeks one to six, class comprises topical discussion based on prescribed readings. From week seven onward, classes involve 20 minute seminar presentations from each student based on their own interests (my classmates researched topics including reality TV, sport and online dating) . This made classes extremely engaging and practical, elevated by May Fong’s ability to encourage us all to discuss freely. There is also a large exchange student enrolment, which makes the comparative element of the class even more fascinating. There was even a collective sadness when we finished our final class, which is a testament to how much we enjoyed it.