The Portfolio Games: The Administration Portfolio

By The Administration Portfolio

Which portfolio are you?

Hi!  We are the Admin portfolio of the UNSW Law Society.

Some portfolios have the ability to produce impeccable online publications and supply merchandise (no names) and others have the power to provide piglets on demand. In order to find some sponsors (future Exec), you must inform the people of what your portfolio brings to the table.

The Admin portfolio brings much to your study/dining/sleeping table.

We work with all the portfolios and produce high quality procrastination material including The Brief newsletter, the Blog (obviously), the Voir Dire monthly magazine, marketing of events to ensure you know what’s on, organising merchandise and providing general support to the Society. 

Admin’s Member Support Directors are also responsible for the fantastic LawSoc hoodies that have helped many to brave 9am lectures and the coffee keep-cups that have already saved 5000 trees^ from being pulped into paper cups and helped 172* people stay awake during Fed Con. After all, the keep-cups are emblazoned with ‘I like my justice hot and strong.’

            ^ Accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

            * Measurement not scientific.

The cannon has sounded. You look to your right. You look to your left. Your competitors have flown into the crashing waves before you, racing to pick their weapon of choice. You decide to join in on the fight. What weapon/weapon combination does the average member of your portfolio choose?

Most of the portfolio would be comfortable with keyboard, mouse and creative software, be it Photoshop, Web Design, or InDesign.  Strong organisational capability is also important.  The ability to think outside the box is also a virtue.

If all else fails, someone in our portfolio probably has enough quirky intellect to shut the whole place down.

A portion of us look up to Harvey Specter, some of us look up to Blair Waldorf and some may even look up to the plastic bag from American Beauty. Who/what does your portfolio look up to and why?

In the spirit of the week surrounding Waffle Day I’m going to have to say Leslie Knope. Firstly, if you don’t want to be Leslie Knope you’re either uneducated or wrong. Secondly, much like her, the Admin Portfolio is all about Getting. It. Done. Our successful infiltration of pretty much every other portfolio means you’ve probably seen and enjoyed our work, even if you didn’t know from whence it came.

I’m going to assume that sanity is directly proportional to an absolute obsession with (or at least awareness of) Game of Thrones and/or Harry Potter. Considering this, pick a family from Game of Thrones, or a House from Harry Potter, that most represents the events/publications/things that your portfolio organises. Explain.

House Tyrell, “Growing Strong”.

We’re the ‘behind the scenes’ super power. We pull strings to draw you into our extensive plans and we have a weird obsession with beauty and bringing events to life with our marketing team and their Photoshop prowess. We also offer plenty gifts* such as hoodies, keep cups and newsletters to win your most ardent favour. We play the long game (of thrones), and we play it well.

* in exchange for cash, as dictated by our non-Westerosi budget limited traditions

Plus, have you SEEN the admin portfolio? We’re all pretty babein.

Either that, or we’re the Hogwarts staff keeping the rest of you fools in check.

A portfolio has answered the previous question with a similar response (How dare they?). You must battle it out to claim what is rightfully yours. What does your portfolio say in order to win the judges over?


Your portfolio has (obviously) formed a group to survive in the gruesome, artificial wild. You all jump out of a tree and start to circle another portfolio. In desperation (and fear) they offer to collude with you to win The Portfolio Games. Do you accept their offer or do you end them before they get the opportunity to turn on you?

I think we’re done here.  And you definitely need a coffee.

#Cya #AdminionsOnFIRE