The Portfolio Games: The JD Portfolio

By the JD Portfolio

Which portfolio are you?

The JD/Postgrad portfolio.

Some portfolios have the ability to produce impeccable online publications and supply merchandise (no names) and others have the power to provide piglets on demand. In order to find some sponsors (future Exec), you must inform the people of what your portfolio brings to the table.

Well our milkshakes tend to bring all the boys to the yard but beyond that, the JD portfolio is like a little law society in itself. Our portfolio spans activities, competitions, education and international student affairs.

The cannon has sounded. You look to your right. You look to your left. Your competitors have flown into the crashing waves before you, racing to pick their weapon of choice. You decide to join in on the fight. What weapon/weapon combination does the average member of your portfolio choose?

Knumchucks is all we need. Old age and treachery beats youth and enthusiasm every time.

A portion of us look up to Harvey Specter, some of us look up to Blair Waldorf and some may even look up to the plastic bag from American Beauty. Who/what does your portfolio look up to and why?

All the powerful and successful women out there, special shout outs to Gillian Triggs, Christine Lagarde, Beyonce and HRH T Swift (in that order).

I’m going to assume that sanity is directly proportional to an absolute obsession with (or at least awareness of) Game of Thrones and/or Harry Potter. Considering this, pick a family from Game of Thrones, or a House from Harry Potter, that most represents the events/publications/things that your portfolio organises. Explain.

House Martell. Just like Sand Snakes, JDs tend to pack sass.

A portfolio has answered the previous question with a similar response (How dare they?). You must battle it out to claim what is rightfully yours. What does your portfolio say in order to win the judges over?

You need us. You don’t want us to leave and create a separate law society do you? So back down or we walk…

Stephen: As part judicator of this initiative, I beg to differ. #Klimis says that the outcome would most likely be: 

Your portfolio has (obviously) formed a group to survive in the gruesome, artificial wild. You all jump out of a tree and start to circle another portfolio. In desperation (and fear) they offer to collude with you to win The Portfolio Games. Do you accept their offer or do you end them before they get the opportunity to turn on you?

We’d form an alliance. As the smallest portfolio we would need to. But we will be sure to stab someone else in the back, before it happens to us!