The Portfolio Games: The Social Justice Portfolio

By The Social Justice Portfolio

Which portfolio are you?

We are the heroes LawSoc deserves and the ones it needs right now. We are an incorruptible guardian. A watchful protector of all things good in the world. We are the Social Justice Portfolio.  

Some portfolios have the ability to produce impeccable online publications and supply merchandise (no names) and others have the power to provide piglets on demand. In order to find some sponsors (future Exec), you must inform the people of what your portfolio brings to the table. 

The Social Justice team are what makes UNSW the place where the Law meets Justice. Let’s be honest, it’s a pretty sexy portfolio to be part of. 

I mean, how many students can actually say they had a meaningful impact on real law reform? Our policy submissions team certainly can! Whilst the team spent much of their time trying to break into meeting rooms that they weren't able to book, they helped a group of our students contribute to the ALRC's Freedoms Inquiry to create a comprehensive submission that was declared one of the most cited submissions! know, just casually.

Then there’s the Court of Conscience, a team of eight editors rumoured to sit in an ivory tower laughing at all those who attempt to impress them with well-researched and passionate articles. Alas, this rumour is false. It’s a team who thrive off giving students a chance to voice their concerns and beliefs on the issues that really matter. Stay tuned for the 2015 release!

But if that wasn’t enough, we also fight for gender equality, inspiring young women, and men for that matter, on issues that face us all even today; the importance of which is summarised in meme form. Because apparently that is how you internet (we’re still getting the hang of this).

So here are four meme-gif reasons why you need gender equality:

1. Because it’s not just about race: 

2. Because it’s not just about sexual orientation:

3. Because the pay gap makes entire heterosexual households 20% financially worse off …and being okay with that is like saying this: 

4. But because it’s not just about the pay gap or the glass ceiling:

5. It’s a lot, lot more than that:

 Because this: 

And so, this: 

We rest our case

(thanks, Hermione x)

The cannon has sounded. You look to your right. You look to your left. Your competitors have flown into the crashing waves before you, racing to pick their weapon of choice. You decide to join in on the fight. What weapon/weapon combination does the average member of your portfolio choose?

When the cannon sounds, our thirst for justice surges. But with angry armies to our left and right, behind and in front, we do not panic. We see, not violent bloodthirsty students clashing over the final clerkship positions, but a pool of passionate potential.

The Social Justice portfolio joins the fight, but only to create peace amongst all. To unite behind the movement for Equality & Justice!

Hence our first weapon of choice is the mighty Google Form! Providing students with not clerkships to squabble over, but a chance to sign themselves up to fight for great causes such as volunteering at Villawood Detention Centre, Indigenous Youth Programs and at Mardi Gras to teach festival goers about police powers and individual rights!

Our second weapon is the camera. A camera capturing the concerns, issues and plight of our First Australians. Using this weapon, through the creation of a student-made documentary (Screening Launch Date October 20, be there!), we persuade students in the middle of battle to join the right cause and use their prolific skills to understand real world issues and act on them!

Our final weapon is our poetic skill, with which we are sure to melt the heart of the stoniest soldier. One only need look at this year’s poetry slam which would surely convince every soldier to fight the good fight for what is right! (hehe, that rhymed).


The harmony day poetry slam was full of great rhythm,

Rhyming 'bout respect and diversity and multiculturalism.

We took to the stage with palm cards in hand,

But soon chucked them away as we flowed through the slam.


The winner of the night spoke straight from his heart,

About experiences of judgement for not being smart.

And then came the key speaker who spoke with wisdom and grace,

Discussing the migrant struggle with being a different race.


We clicked our fingers along and felt a connection,

A harmonious night ending with beers and confection(ary).

SJ crew rhymes together and always keeps time,

Changing society step by step with a crappy little rhyme.


Boom. War stopped, hearts melted, peace reigns. 


I’m going to assume that sanity is directly proportional to an absolute obsession with (or at least awareness of) Game of Thrones and/or Harry Potter. Considering this, pick a family from Game of Thrones, or a House from Harry Potter, that most represents the events/publications/things that your portfolio organises. Explain.

House Stark. Moral, honourable and beautiful. Even when one attempts to cut off our head, another sibling rises to fight for justice.

A portfolio has answered the previous question with a similar response (How dare they?). You must battle it out to claim what is rightfully yours. What does your portfolio say in order to win the judges over?

Seriously? I dare another portfolio to say they deserve House Stark over Social Justice. I double dare you. But in the words of the great Eddard: “A madman sees what he sees”. 

(if you didn’t get it, we’re saying you’re mad).

And just be happy we didn’t take House Targaryen. Freeing slaves is definitely Social Justicey. So if you really want to challenge us for Stark, we’ll burn you… with dragons. 


Your portfolio has (obviously) formed a group to survive in the gruesome, artificial wild. You all jump out of a tree and start to circle another portfolio. In desperation (and fear) they offer to collude with you to win The Portfolio Games. Do you accept their offer or do you end them before they get the opportunity to turn on you?

With the mighty google form, camera and inspiring poems, we have all but won the battle in our opinion. And if all other battle strategies fail we shall call in the cavalry and the coffee yarn catch up Law Mob. Don't be fooled by their chill times as with their guaranteed attitude, the issues they discuss stir up a fire in the belly and will inspire our troops into action.

But we will of course join forces, not to kill others, but to educate, to make aware and to act for what is just.

So that we can ultimately make everyone realise, whoever they are, and wherever they may be, that we need to use our skills as Law students for the better. Not just think about helping, but actually DOING. We need change. We need Social Justice.

Because it’s not what you are underneath, but what you do…that defines you.