Is There More Than Law?

By Yenee Saw, Arts/Law III

It's been a tough time for some Law students. With email after email bringing tides of clerkship rejection, it's understandable that a lot of us are feeling worthless and down. When you're in the midst of applying for legal jobs - be it graduate jobs or clerkships - it's hard to see that there are options apart from Law to choose from. 

You don't need to be told that there are too many Law graduates and too few jobs to go around - this job supply and demand doom and gloom is frequently parroted around and does nothing to alleviate the pervading feelings of worthlessness that arise from rejections. 

The good news is that there are options beyond Law at your reach. There's even a website called Beyond Law (which you can check out here: 

As well as advertising jobs in the legal market, jobs outside of the legal market are also shown.

It also provides some awesome commentary. Read about the top three mistakes this person made at Law School  or  these 5 tips to succeed in a non-traditional law career. 

This article was not sponsored by Beyond Law.