The Mid-Sem Break Dilemma!

By Sarah Park, Law/Commerce III 

The mid-semester break dilemma

With most law assessments untimely due after mid-semester break, students face the dilemma of converting their week of freedom into a week of study to finish assessments on time. The common complaint is that mid-semester break turns into a study break. However, its not the be all and end all since mid-semester break can be that exactly, a reprieve from thin-leaf pages of readings with size 6 font, if time is utilised effectively.


Plan a getaway

Whether it be the traditional family beach house getaway or soul-searching through the laneways of Melbourne (traipsing through brunch spot after brunch spot and taking selfies in front of walls of artistic graffiti) a vacation can do absolute wonders. Most importantly, we can spend time with family and friends who we may have unintentionally neglected in our heroic attempt to juggle uni, work, an internship, extracurriculars and a social life. Planning a getaway means being able to sightsee, eat good food and to create memorable experiences that start with remember that time.. This allows students to return refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of semester.

Enjoy Easter 

Go to the Royal Easter Show and explore the petting zoo or grab a couple of your favourite showbags for old times sake. Personally, visiting the Royal Easter Show a few years ago was a nostalgic reminder of yearly visits to the showgrounds in my childhood. Alternatively, organise an Easter egg hunt with family or friends, watch one of the Oscar nominated movies before they stop showing or (my personal favourite) watch live Shakespeare performances by Watsons Bay at night


Mid-semester break may mean calling your boss to take up extra shifts for some extra cash to add to your meagre student budget. A lot of Easter causal positions open during peak Easter trading periods and extended hours mean you can volunteer for extra shifts.


Easter doesnt have to be exclusively a study break, and for some, it never was and never will be. Just dont cave into the paranoia that the week should be dedicated to exclusively catching up on unfinished work. If worst comes to worst, there is STUVAC week!

Also remember to eat chocolate. Lots of it. Hoarding chocolate for stress eating during the remainder of semester isnt a bad idea either. A soldier never enters a battle unprepared.