A Law Revue, by One Nostalgic Castie

By Alessandra Giglio, Arts / Law II

‘Twas the best of times, ‘twas a golden time– Henry Robinson 2015.

Henry says golden. A lot. – LR cast 2015. 

Welcome, welcome, welcome, to Law Revue 2015 - The Blunder Games. 

It's been a seven-week long rollercoaster ride of intense emotions, line-learning and slut-dropping for the Law Revue 2015 cast. For the other portfolios it’s been a whirlwind of set building and flyer designing and cooking and sewing. For our producers and directors, we can only imagine the insane journey this past year has taken them on, from creating this thing with nothing but their sharp wit, metaphorical life-balance worthy of a cirque-du-soleil trapeze artist and several thousand litres of red bull. But it’s over now, we’ve taken a bow, and it kinda feels something like this:

If I were asked to sum up revue in one word (other than ‘golden’ of course), I really, really couldn’t. Because what was revue like? In true Capitol-esque fashion, there were tears, sacrifice, ridiculous costumes and gifts. There was also dancing on tables, bollards and nudity. And lots and lots of Tay-Tay.

So without further ado, here is a never-before seen, absolutely CONFIDIENTAL REVUE 2016 INTERVIEW with none other than the infamous, prestigious, blue-haired Caesar Flickerman…(cue catchy themesong)…

Caesar – Are those farmers? Business men in role play? No! It’s the Blunder Games! Here we have Scott Morrison killing some poor unsuspecting backbenchers with his trident, Julie Bishop death-staring Bill Shorten (literally, to death), Turnbull stabbing people in the back, Barnaby Joyce fighting a war on terrierism with a pumpkin, and Tony Abbot eating nothing but onions and the tears of children. Tell me, what in the solar system IS law revue?

Castie – Well, Caesar, revue is (drum roll please) a comedy sketch show with singing, dancing, acting and a live band acted out by talented, sexy university students. That’s our official spiel, anyway. But if I were to appropriate an analogy from a dearly beloved animated character, revue is…like an onion. Onions have layers. Revue has layers. Geddit – they both have layers. 

Caesar –What’s it like, in the day of a life of a castie? They say you live on nothing but adrenaline, subway cookies and the wellbeing of your ruthless executive.

Castie – there is some truth to this, but the exec aren’t ruthless at all, they only want people to think that they’re fierce and scary when just below the surface is a minion heart full of love and happiness.

So, to begin our day, the only way you’re going to wake up is if your alarm has the equivalent decibels of a small bomb going off. Then it’s life as usual until 6:00pm. Running to rehearsals in Matthews after law?

But rehearsals made it all worth it. We’d be dancing/acting/smacking/cracking (it’s a dance style – get yo minds out of the gutter) ‘til late. And we were extremely lucky to be cooked some absolutely, bread-sational dinner by the Wellbeing Portfolio. 

So basically our days consisted of eat, sleep, revue, repeat…and – what’s that, Caesar? Study??

Caesar – So the life of a tribute is to basically give up your life as you know it for seven entire weeks, with rehearsals every day (including weekends), in order to perform a show. Did you do it for the glory, fame and matching jumpers? Or are you just crazy??

Castie – I feel like a little bit of craziness and weirdness is a necessary prerequisite to joining revue. And it doesn’t matter if you can’t really sing, dance or act either. What matters is your passion, your energy…and a loud voice.

We all chose to do revue for different reasons. Some of us wanted to get the thrill of performing, others wanted to make new friends. But in the end – and here comesthecheese – each and every one of use have been a part of something greater than ourselves, and we now have cherished memories, a whole plethora of experiences, and a surrogate family.

Caesar – You say revue cast is like family – did you guys know each other before you started?

Castie – there were some acquaintances amongst us, but mostly no. At the beginning I think we all felt a little like this:

Now, whenever we see each other around, it’s like this:

Cast and exec are all talented hilarious individuals and I’m so proud of all of us for how far we’ve come. 

Caesar – any memorable moments/quotes?

Castie –From the show my favourite line would probably have to be from Friendzone – ‘SERWINSKI, NOOOOOOO!!!’ since we all got to run on stage together and leap over each other in slow-motion while Adagio for Strings played in the background. Favourite line from the audience – ‘Twoey, show us your bollard!’

Caesar – what are five things Revue has taught you?

Castie –

(1) Most of the words to I don’t F**k with you, Get Low, Wildest Dreams, Shake it Off, and Blank Space.

(2) People get really confused when you use reverse-psychology on them:

Promo team/castie: “Don’t come to law revue! It’s so funny and entertaining, you won’t enjoy a single minute! Don’t buy tickets if you don’t want to have a great night out!”

Targeted bystanders: 

(3) How to dance/act/ slut drop/sing in harmony and coordinate moves at the same time.


(5) When you’re standing naked next to a whole bunch of naked people backstage it’s not a nightmare, just another ordinary show night.

Caesar – Any last testimonies?

Castie – This was hands down the most blunderific, revuetastic, lawlicious experience I’ve had at uni. The onion motif, while stinky, holds true – it’s more than just a show. If there are any of you out there thinking this might be something you are interested in, be warned. You will have the best, greatest, most wonderfully exciting and exhausting experience of your life. So catch you next year! Also,