Student: Jessica Thiyavutikan (2013)

Please give us a brief overview of the main topics studied in the course

The key topics covered in the course included disability discrimination, sex discrimination and race discrimination. The course considered antidiscrimination laws from both theoretical and practical perspectives, including the concepts of equality and non-discrimination, the constitutional bases that allow for the enforcement of Australia’s obligations under the international human rights treaties, the requisite elements as clarified by cases, and the resolution of complaints.

What were the course assessments and your thoughts about them?

When I did the course in 2012, there are three components, namely, class participation, an online short answer quiz and a take-home exam. There was no textbook prescribed for the course; however, access and reading of the anti-discrimination laws and cases (available online), and course materials (available in print) are essential.

Do you have any other thoughts or comments?

Discrimination Law was a subject that really surprised me in a good way. I found it enjoyable in spite of choosing it because it fit well with my timetable and sounded interesting. I went into the course with no previous exposure to human rights law, but this did not disadvantage me at all because the course provided a strong foundation for the essential knowledge required in examining the anti-discrimination laws at the domestic and international levels.