Why I’m Part of the Silent Majority

By Alekks Petro, Received her B.A. Degrees in Economics and Philosophy cum laude from Lake Forest College, Illinois. Currently studying her JD at UNSW Law, II. 

I’m educated. I’m not a racist. I’m not low-info. I’m not part of a ‘cult’. I don’t live in a bunker. I hate political correctness. I’m an immigrant. I’m not blindly following a reality star. I support Donald Trump.

A few days ago I was walking through the library and I overheard just a portion of a conversation between a group of students that was along the lines of , ‘I would hate to be in America right now…because Donald Trump’. I didn’t hear the rest. I am aware that my opinion is not a popular one, at least not publicly, but I have grown used to the criticism. Trump supporters go through a process of coming out of the closet per se. Although unashamed, we are afraid that if we do state our support we might get treated differently by our friends, peers, and clients. We get bullied into denial and then labeled misinformed, stupid, racists, and bigots.

I do not support every single component of his policies and manner, but I would think and hope that supporters of other candidates will question their own candidates on issues here and there as well. We are all separate minds from the candidate we support so there will always be some difference in ideas. Trump has some very specific policies that a lot of the country can get behind. Trump wants to encourage legal immigration while repatriating illegal immigrants, revise trade agreements to support US workers, stop endless wars for Israel, legalize marijuana, avoid conflict with Russia, oppose political correctness, and has a great tax reform plan.


Trump wants to make it easier to become a legal immigrant by cutting the costs and therefore incentivizing immigrants to come over legally. He just wants to make sure we are more of aware of who is coming through the doors, meanwhile enforcing more border control on illegal immigrants. Currently more illegal immigrants are on social welfare then legal immigrants in America. While illegal immigrants are receiving welfare we have veterans on a waiting list. Illegal immigrants from other countries are currently using the border with Mexico as a gateway into America. Is it so wrong that we just want to know who is in our backyard? Trump specifically stated that there is going to be a big beautiful door on that wall to welcome immigrants entering the country legally. For those who say there is no reason Mexico would pay for this keep in mind they have a wall on their southern border and America currently gives Mexico $14 billion dollars a year in aide. I think it’s a fair assumption that they would rather fund a wall then risk loss on aide in addition to paying tariffs.

A lot of media outlets like to state that Trump lost the Hispanic vote when he expressed his views on the influx of illegal immigrants from Mexico, but this simply isn’t true. Trump has 45% of the Hispanic vote. The media incorrectly assumes that just because someone is Hispanic, they wouldn’t vote for Trump because of some of his statements picked up and overplayed by the media. But this doesn’t mean that Hispanic republican’s don’t understand and agree with his core policies. To assume that just because someone is Hispanic, they wouldn’t have the same concern as every other hard working tax-paying citizen is disrespectful to say the least. We need to take care of the people we do have legally because Feeding America currently estimates we have 15 million American children who regularly go hungry. Reagan has even said “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation”.


It is very frustrating to me when people are surprised to find out that Trump has a majority of the minority vote in the polls. In recent polls by Clout Research that have a margin of error of 3.73%, Trump received 40% of the black vote and 45% of the Hispanic vote. He got a higher percentage of black and Hispanic supporters than white supporters which was at 37.7%. He is doing better with women and Hispanic voters than any other republican candidate since the 1920s. The only other candidate that got more black supporters was Ben Carson at 50% who has dropped out of the race and is now endorsing Trump. To give you a better idea of how strong his numbers are, by comparison Mitt Romney got just 17% of the minority vote. These statistics are important because the media in the US assumes that republican minorities aren’t voting for Trump when the numbers show otherwise. The white media should actually start listening to the voice of these minority groups rather than speaking for them.


If you listen to a lot of his speeches and rallies from beginning to end he spends a lot of time talking about his tax reform plan. However, this tax plan is not covered by the media because it doesn’t benefit them in more ways than one. Firstly, talking about tax doesn’t bring in ratings, and secondly, a majority of the media in the states is owned by the corporations benefitting from the current tax model. Because of this situation, most people don’t have a good idea of what his tax plan actually is. He is proposing to change it from its current seven brackets to just four which will simplify filing and is the most populist tax plan of any candidate. It will create the largest tax cuts which in turn helps small businesses by lowering tax rates and providing them more money for investing. It cuts the corporate loopholes and gives hedge fund men taxes they should be paying, but they currently aren’t paying. This is because they are getting tax exemptions from the candidates they are buying off. Considering they also own the news corporations I’m frankly not surprised they wouldn’t want Trump to look good if he plans on getting rid of their exemptions. Three fourths of what you watch is owned by just 5 corporations.

Furthermore, Trump wants to negotiate down the double tax rate that is charged to corporations that want to bring their money back into the States. The US has a 35% tax rate on corporations in addition to the tax they pay abroad. The US is the only country that does this. As such, it is more affordable for these corporations to keep their money overseas. Trump’s proposal could bring back the $2.2 trillion kept abroad. These corporations are willing to pay US taxes, but not to the point where the current tax model makes it unaffordable.


In his 2000 book, ‘The America We Deserve,’ he outlined his dream of a country “unencumbered by bureaucratic ineptitude, government regulations, confiscatory tax policies, racism, discrimination against women, or discrimination against people based on sexual orientation.” Trump has said some mean things about a lot of women. Trump has also said a lot of mean things about a lot of men. If he feels you are doing something wrong he is not afraid to say it to you whether you are a women, man, black, or white. I’m glad that he doesn’t feel that just because I am a woman people should be more censored around me, or, for someone to think I can’t handle a critique. He’s put women in charge of major projects, wants women to get equal pay, and a lot of his leading executives have been women since the 1980s. Just as he did in the apprentice, he hires whoever gets the job done regardless of anything else and he is harsh on anyone that can’t.

Fifteen years ago Trump was already advocating for equal rights and protections for gays and gay couples, although he didn’t want it to be called marriage, neither did Bernie Sanders at the time. He advocated for unions that promoted gay and equal rights and in 2000 stated he would be fine with appointing people regardless of sexual orientation. He also wanted to amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include protections for LGTB communities. He has hired, promoted, and personally paid more women, minorities, high school, and college students than any other candidate.


A big part of my jump onto the Trump train was influenced by Carl Icahn’s endorsement. If you don’t know who he is, Carl Icahn is an influential American businessman and founder of the securities trading company Icahn Express. In American when Carl Icahn tells you your company isn’t being run correctly, people listen. He’s earned his wealth doing this. I would recommend anyone interested in hearing more to watch his endorsement video called “Danger Ahead” which can be seen on his website CarIicahn.com. Icahn is a man who grew up in the streets of queens and is now worth $21.3 billion dollars which makes me hard pressed to understand why people would say that he or Trump are disenfranchised angry people who don’t understand the economy or foreign policy.


A policy I don’t believe in is the temporary ban on all Muslims entering our country because I believe there are better ways to address this issue. However, I understand where Trump is coming from. Muslims, like people of any religion, come into America for various reasons but there are some that came for safety, and what is the point of that if we can’t provide a way to prevent and identify the very few bad apples from coming here. According to a poll done by The Council on Islamic-American relations, a Muslim rights and advocacy organization, 11% of Muslims back Trump out of the 18% of Muslims that are backing Republicans. Compare that with Romney’s 4% and McCain’s 2%. It is interesting to note that 5 of the wealthiest Muslim countries have not let in any Syrian refugees at all for fear of it creating a terrorist risk, although I still don’t agree with it. Trump is a negotiator and a common negotiation tactic is you don’t start at your midpoint and show your hand publicly, hence why his proposals tend to have more extreme leans at first mention. It is important to note Trump said this would be a temporary ban until they can find out how to vet the incoming immigrants and refugees, meanwhile providing safe zones. Again, although there are parts of what he said that I understand, I do think that there is a better way to go about this. Banning all Muslims, even temporarily, is not a policy I am behind.


I’ve heard people bring up that Donald Trump took too long to disavow KKK member David Duke and that they don’t believe that it was because his earpiece wasn’t working. Whether that earpiece was working we will never know, but Trump has publicly spoken of his dislike of David Duke for 25 years. In 1991 on Duke winning 55% of the white vote in Louisiana, Trump stated, “I hate seeing what it represents, but I guess it just shows there’s a lot of hostility in this country.” Then again in 2000 Trump refused to join the Reform party(a centrist party in the US) because David Duke was part of the party. Trump said “Well, you’ve got David Duke [who] just joined – a bigot, a racist, a problem. I mean, this is not exactly the people you want in your party”. When Trump heard David Duke endorsed his presidential campaign, he stayed true to his original opinions of Duke and said “I don’t need his endorsement. I certainly wouldn’t want his endorsement. I don’t need anyone’s endorsement”. You can’t control who endorses you. Meanwhile the Grand Dragon of the KKK, Will Quigg, doesn’t want to endorse Trump, stating he wants to endorse Hillary Clinton because he likes her hidden agenda. It is a well known fact that Senator Robert Byrd was in the KKK and Hillary Clinton not only went to his funeral but praised him as a friend and mentor.


Hearing about the protestors at the Trump rallies in Chicago really saddens me. It’s the city I grew up in. I am all for a civil protest but the actions resembled more of a riot to me and I understand why it strengthened support for Trump. There were some protestors wearing “Fuck the Police” shirts, standing on American Flags, harming police, blocking ambulances, ripping of hats or signs, and one even bit off the ear of a women standing in line. No Trump supporters have disrupted democratic rallies yet Trump was blamed when democrats disrupted his rally. It is also illegal to protest at a Trump rally because federal law doesn’t allow protesting of any type in an area protected by secret service. On top of that free speech doesn’t always apply to rallies because federal law states that you can’t be, “knowingly impeding or disrupting the orderly conduct” of an “official function”. We may not agree on our respective candidates but I have a right to hear my candidate talk without disruption. Trumps reaction to the protestors was rather abrasive but let’s not forget Reagan’s reaction to the violent protestors on April 7, 1970: “If it takes a bloodbath, lets get it over with. No more appeasement.”

Trump reminds me a lot of Reagan for several reasons. They were both divorcees, former entertainers, converted democrats, pro-immigration but in favor of border control, routinely called “racist” by liberals, received hatred and protestors, pro-life, pro-2nd amendment, and pro tax reduction. Trump and Raegan also share the same exact slogan: “Make America Great Again”. However, unlike Raegan and other Pro-Life candidates, Trump understands that Planned Parenthood does a lot more for women then just provide abortions so he is willing to let them keep partial funding.


Yeah nah no way. No Trump what are you thinking.


People are tired of perpetuating the cycle that American politics has become today. The donor class owns the political class. American’s have been made so many promises only to see the candidates work on an entirely different agenda when in office. If you want to know why it happens just follow the money and you’ll find they were completing their lobbyist’s agenda first. Trump is not running out of his own money anytime soon and is not taking money so is the only candidate able to enter the white house with a clean slate, not owing lobbyists anything.

It was really scary when John Kerry got asked if anyone read parts of the Iran Nuclear Agreement and his response was that he “believes” one person read it. Although Trump has never liked this agreement he has stated that he would work with it and negotiate through it unlike other candidates who state they will rip it up on day one….I’m sure. He is the only one willing to sit down with Russia and Iran rather than just ignore them. He also warned us not to go into Iraq because it would destabilize the Middle East.

Trump does well when the cards are down and he doesn’t like to lose. I admit he has a big ego but if that further ensures that he will refuse to mess this up, I’m fine with that. Despite being a billionaire family in the spotlight he has raised a good family who speak highly of him. I strongly feel that a person’s family is a reflection of oneself. His children admire him and he is still close friends with his ex-wives. Trump’s older brother struggled with alcoholism and died from the disease so to this day Trump has never drunk alcohol, smoked, or done any drugs. He works very hard and he is not the type of person that would spend his time golfing or taking extravagant vacations during his presidency. Plato told us that no one is more hated than he who speaks the truth and it’s a lot harder to speak the truth than it is to have your words filtered by handlers, advisors, and a social media team which is the case of other politicians.

I’m Educated. I’m not a racist. I am not low-info. I’m not part of a “cult”. I don’t live in a bunker. I hate political correctness. I’m an immigrant. I’m not blindly following a reality star. I support Donald Trump.

“I’ve had a great life. I don’t need this, I’m doing it for you. To make America great again” – Donald Trump

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  1. Owen
    Owen says:

    What a wild article. Completely off your head, also not accurate and without a single source for your stats. Classic start ‘i’m not a racist’, yet you support someone who plainly has said numerous racist things and is endorsed by a former Klansman. Whether he disavowed him is completely irrelevant, the fact the he attracts white supremacists to his cause is extremely telling. This boorish, petty, bully calls women ugly and flat chested, regardless of his other actions, its totally unacceptable and unbefitting of a President. Also Trump is pandering to a Republican echo chamber, if he got the keys to the white house he would do a backflip after backflip because he is a 100% populist, no real value system underpins his campaign. His abortion mess up was indicative of him not being familiar with the extreme right which he has now thrown petrol on.

    • Petro
      Petro says:

      Owen please tell me which statistic here is inaccurate, I would recommend looking up the facts and seeing for yourself. I actually state the books/websites/organizations where I gathered my facts. You say that he has said “racist things” but don’t point out a single one. Besides me supporting a candidate who hasn’t actually said anything racist (protecting a border is not racist), what about me would suggest I’m racist. You don’t know me. Do you know if I’m a white girl or a black girl or even a brown girl? Do you even know the circumstances under which I immigrated to the united states? Do you know if anyone has ever been racist to me? I have talked about endorsements and you simply can not control who endorses you. Hillary Clinton has both been endorsed by many Klan members, and I clearly wrote the statements he has stated against the Klan for 25 years. Even Obama has been endorsed by former Klan member David Byrd, and Obama DIDNT disavow. Please do not call my man Obama a racist, we both know he isn’t. Again, you can’t control these endorsements. Klansmen aren’t intelligent enough to decipher the establishment’s propaganda from anything that has actually been said, they probably don’t even know that KKK was created by the democratic party. So you’re saying I should be offended because someone said something mean to a women simply because…. I am a women? Yet you know other men (and women) have said some nasty things about him, but it’s alright because he’s a man, men can handle that. I’m a poor weak women that will get offended if someone doesn’t find me attractive. We’ve both at some point made fun of Trumps hair or hands. You just called me “completley off [my] head”, I’d rather be called “ugly” and “flat-chested”. I’m also more appalled by how Hillary dismissed the women who claimed to have been sexually abused by her husband. It was a lot more unfair than some shallow words, granted the stories may have been fake, but automatically accusing a potential rape victim of being a liar is unacceptable and un-befit of a President. If you look at what Trump said on abortions he states abortion laws are how they are but if we lived in a pro-life country, meaning that abortions were illegal, women would be punished. Yes it’s harsh but getting an illegal abortion is unsafe, and alas we don’t live in that type of country so frankly it’s irrelevant. There are women sitting in American jails right now who have tried to self-abort, it’s sad but true. Personally I think they should have been given some help in the healing process from what was surely a traumatic event. He used to be pro-choice and changed to pro-life because of stories he heard from women who went through an abortion, but again like was said, the laws are how they are, so I’m not too worried about them changing. I don’t think he is too concerned with changing those particular laws either, he is clearly more fiscally focused. I’d also rather have a president that is fluid and is able to get something done then someone who won’t even consider doing the right thing because it doesn’t suit his party image. I imagine you also thought that when the media showed him saying “the firefighters at 711” you thought he messed up the date of 9/11 rather than realizing that 711 is the address of the fire station where the first 9/11 respondents came from. Also I would recommend reading this Forbes article, it is NOT pro-trump so you’ll appreciate the tone, but it does logically explain how despite his brash attitude and approach he did prove himself the last time he took over a government job.

      You won’t hear anyone talk about how he gave sancturary to Jennifer Hudson’s family when three of them got murdered, how he was the only person willing to give his plane to a little boy who needed special medical attention, and
      “When Donald opened his club in Palm Beach called Mar-a-Lago, he insisted on accepting Jews and blacks even though other clubs in Palm Beach to this day discriminate against blacks and Jews. The old guard in Palm Beach was outraged that Donald would accept blacks and Jews so that’s the real Donald Trump that I know.” That was author Ronald Kessler in a July 2015 interview with Newsmax

  2. Ann Kayis-Kumar
    Ann Kayis-Kumar says:

    Perhaps I’ve misunderstood, but the comment “The US has a 35% tax rate on corporations in addition to the tax they pay abroad. The US is the only country that does this.” makes it sound like the US doesn’t have a foreign tax credit system? They do.

    • Petro
      Petro says:

      Hey Ann, like we talked about in the discussion page, you are right that I did not word this properly. I meant “antiquated double tax”, and Carl Icahn explains it on his site and interviews much better than I do haha. Like you said though, companies will always try to avoid a net positive tax, but a girl can hope there won’t be as many inversions if we were able to make things a little better than how negotiation attempts have gone in the past.


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