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Thoughts all law students have during stuvac

By Ali Baker 

“Procrastination makes easy things hard and hard things harder”  Discuss.

And with that, we bring you “Thoughts all law students have during Stuvac” told through cat gifs. This seemed like a highly logical decision.

‘I’m in control, I’ll just creatively string something together in the exam room’

‘I’ll take a quick break and go have brunch with the squad’

‘I’ll just play a game for a quick moment on my phone to refresh my mind’

‘Just remember, Ps get degrees’

‘Wait… I’m doing a subject from my other degree? And the 3000 word essay is due tomorrow?’

‘If only I had gone in a tutorial without my friends so we couldn’t distract each other’

‘I’ll just have one oreo’

‘I wonder if [literally any class-mate] can send me their notes’

‘I will be MONUMENTAL in this exam’

‘Ok… If I take notes on the entire subject today, I can write essay plans tomorrow. So doable!’

‘Hopefully [any friend] can pull me through the exam’

‘I might go to the gym to de-stress and take my mind off everything’

‘Have we passed the dropping-without-financial-or-academic-penalty census date yet?’

‘At least this is an open book exam. That’s great!’

‘I’ll go study at my friend’s house  because we’ll be super productive and won’t get distracted at all’

‘I think it’s highly unlikely that they’ll ask a question about separation of powers in my public law exam, so I can skip over all those cases #efficient’

‘If worst comes to worst I can just use the textbook as exam notes’

‘I can do 12 weeks worth of readings in 1 week’

‘I am so chilled, I am so zen, I am so ready for this exam. I have never been this calm. I am a fountain of wisdom’ 

‘I’ll go to the library and be amongst all the productive students and be productive myself’

‘I’ll have a massive party once exams are over!’

‘I’ll be fine because grades don’t define me and I am unique and wonderful person with the world at my feet’

‘I’ll just read this article about studying by the UNSW LawSoc Blog because it’s totally going to help me with my study habits’

You are very welcome for the three and a half minutes of procrastination and cats we gifted to you. Best of luck with your preparations!



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