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The thoughts that all law students have during the election period

By Aris Cao, Arts/Law III

  1. It’s 9.03 am and you receive 15 Facebook notifications in two minutes. Could it be an influx of friend requests after a particularly social weekend? Could your friends finally be reacting to the A+ memes that you had been tagging them in?
  2. Nope, it’s just the start of Law Society election madness. Brace yourself for two weeks of event invites, page invitations and requests from people you haven’t spoken to since first year to change your cover photo/share their Facebook page/invite your friends to like their campaign. 
  3. As you scroll through every campaign during your 9 am lecture, two things become evidently clear: people whose names can be made into a pun/catchy slogan are at a distinct advantage, and I also need to update my LinkedIn photo.
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  4. Is there a go to photographer who takes extremely photogenic head shots upon a nature-themed background? If so, can someone please provide me with their contact details because I haven’t updated my display photo on any social networking platforms since 2015.
  5. People who run for Law Society must have some semblance of organisation and structure in their lives. How else do you have hours to dedicate to campaigning, not to mention a vision for 2017? I don’t even have a vision of what I’ll be having for lunch tomorrow, let alone a five point plan for my proposed achievements in the upcoming year.
  6. Candidates are really pushing the boundaries of technological innovation this year. It’s only Monday and there have already been campaign videos, live streaming and topical references to pop culture icons. Will there be an official election Snapchat filter? One can only hope. 
  7. Election week is the one time of year where I feel like my social standing reaches its peak. After all, who knew that my existence meant so much to the person I sat next to in ILJ that they would take the time to write a personalised message to me requesting my support for their campaign? I’m sure this friendship will be maintained long after September 2nd.
  8. Has anyone thought of how amazing campaign events would be if they were held like group dates on the Bachelor? Picture the candidates participating in demeaning tasks in order to win the student body’s support, dramatic music played at inappropriate intervals and George Williams handing a red rose to every successful candidate.
  9. In all seriousness though, once the influx of social media notifications have come and gone, and the last promotional poster has been taken down, it’s pretty great that we have a Law Society with people who are genuinely passionate about improving the law school experience for UNSW students. Best of luck to all the candidates and the week of caffeine overdosage/sleep deprivation/feigned chirpiness that lies ahead of them.
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