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The Outside Law Series: Entrepreneur James Sideris


James Sideris, Commerce/Law, IV, Owner of the small business Nutorious.

Q: When did you start baking?

James: I’ve always liked baking for the past 4 or 5 years but I started properly 2 years ago. That’s when I started selling products and doing it properly.

Q: What made you get into it?

James: I’ve always been a fan of getting a coffee and a muffin. Around where I live, you’d get a muffin with 3-4 blueberries, and you were paying so much money for something that is crap. So I started experimenting at home, because I loved muffins and jam packing them with flavour. There’s this really good cafe just up the road from me that’s pumping all the time, so I approached them, and my muffins sold out in half an hour. I’ve been doing it ever since, and its built from there, so I got into the craze of making them really whacky, and out of this world, putting syringes, and caramels, and ganaches in them.

Q: What’s your perfect muffin?

James: My perfect muffin? My favourite one has got to be my Golden Gaytime. It’s a mixture of peanut butter and caramel, and white chocolate and peanuts.

Q: How do you know what flavours to put in it?

James: I try and do things that evoke memories. Things that people can relate to. So if I make a muffin thats something like butterscotch pudding, it might be someones favourite desert. So they’ll be like ohh, I’m eating a muffin, but it tastes like butterscotch pudding. Alternatively, if I see something trending on Instagram, I’ll try incorporate that into a recipe, like matcha.

Q: How did you make up the name Nutorious?

James: I didn’t copy it off Notorious the rapper aha. I like eating anything with nuts in it, so I went in that direction. When I first started, I was health orientated, so I went with that.

Q: Whats the most intense thing you have made?

James: For one of my friends 21st’s, I had to make 200 cronuts, its a donut made out of croissant dough. It looks like a donut, but it kinda is really tall and flaky and layered. Its filled with ganache, and then topped with Nutella and Oreo.

Q: How long do you spend practicing your craft?

James: Whenever I’m bored in a lecture I’ll look up a recipe online, then I’ll go home and churn it out, try and reinvent it.

Q: When you first started, did you feel you had a natural ability?

James: I use it as a creative escape, it’s just something I can do and its not difficult for me. I find pleasure in doing it, and, I find it quite calming. Any second I get I’ll just cook away.

Q: How do you run your business?

James: I sell to a few cafes around Sydney, mainly my muffins. I have my Instagram account, and I’ve just started my website where people can request my creations. With advanced notice I’ll send it out to customers. The main focus of my business is around Saturday and Sunday. I’ll make 50 muffins for a cafe each, and post photos on Instagram and people will flock to go get them.

Q: How do you prepare yourself?

James: I’ll get up 4:30am, and I’ll get to the cafe 7:30-8am.

Q: How do you balance doing a law degree and running the business at the same time.

James: It’s a good question ahaha, sometimes it doesn’t get as much focus as it should, but I guess its about prioritising. You just got to know when to knuckle down and do your reading and do your work. So on weekends I’m pretty busy. I have to prep for each day.

Q: I was going to ask you a breaking bad question with all that cooking ahaha.

James: Well, I got given a baking bad book from a friend aha.

Q: How many Instagram followers do you have?

James: 18K.

Q: Any tips to get more followers?

James: Collaborating and hash-tagging. It just throws your media into different realms of the web. I often find that when I got to a cafe, I’ll just look up a hashtag. Or if I want to know about a cafe, I’ll look at a hashtag. It’s amazing how powerful that categorising can be.

Q: Has anyone ever noticed you on the street?

James: A couple people, it’s kinda strange ahaha, it’s amazing, I love it when people do, it’s not something I’m used to.

Q: In terms of advice for law students that don’t want to be lawyers, do you think there is enough time to do your degree and do your other passions?

James: Even if you’re not going to be a lawyer, doing something that you love will ultimately help your studies. You can’t just solely focus and jam yourself into books, because that creativity… going into the water for a surf, going for a bike ride, gets you thinking in different ways. It keeps you fresh. You can’t just focus all the time on going to the best law firm, but I think you’ll get there even better if you also do what you love. I love surfing, a big surfer. Other than all the stuff I do on Instagram, I’m also into my fitness and health, I think keeping occupied in exercise is so important to studying.

Q: What are the future plans for your business?

James: I’ve got so many directions I could go in. I would love to have a product I could put on the shelves of Woolworths. I’d love to have a physical location for all my goods, or, turning it into a delivery business and get a few cars and get them buzzing around Sydney.

Q: Do you think you’ll go into law, or, your business?

James: I think I made the decision a while ago, and I’m not going to be a lawyer. My dads been a lawyer for 30 years, but I don’t think that’s me. I’m doing my degree with commerce, and I think that’s great knowledge to have for my business. I have a part time job at an office, and it’s great if you’re in a nice office, but at the same time, I sit there and think I couldn’t do this my whole life. If I could get up everyday and create something with my hands, and be my own boss, I’d be in heaven, so that’s probably the direction I’ll head in. So that’s my prediction, I’m trying to juggle how many subjects of law to do, and how much baking to do.

Q: Do you have any advice for people that have multiple paths open to them?

James: Don’t want to sound corny, but just go with your gut feeling. I’d just be hugely focused on doing what you love.

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