The 7 Types of People You’ll Find at Law Ball

By Aris Cao, Arts/Law III

Much like a student-run version of the Oscars (but with less Leonardo DiCaprio and better music) UNSW Law Society’s annual ball is undoubtedly the highlight of the social calendar. With less than a week to go before the big night, here’s a walkthrough of the night that you’re in for and the people you will inevitably come across.

1. The one who may have gone *slightly* overboard at pre-drinks:

With a slightly dazed look on their face and one eye on the ice bucket at all times, this person is one bottle away from being a liability to their friends for the rest of the night. Making it into the ball is a must, but once you’re in, heed to the sage wisdom of Frank Underwood; after all, “Of all the things I hold in high regard, rules are not one of them.”

2. The couple:

You can spot these lovebirds from a mile away. With their carefully coordinated outfits and constant references to themselves in plural pronoun form, being in close proximity to these two requires patience, perseverance and a large dosage of wine. Characteristic traits include monopolising quiet corners, making everyone around them feel like a third wheel and having zero clue about personal space.

3. The one who’s single and definitely ready to mingle:

Most commonly found on the depths of the dance floor, this individual often employs the peacocking tactic to get ahead of the pack. Characteristic traits include an ability to insert themselves into any conversation,  owning a suit from Tarocash and attempting to add prospective dates on all forms of social media on the dance floor.

4. The one who takes their outfit way too seriously:

The only Armani worth knowing is Giorgio and you can bet a semester’s worth of textbooks that this person’s shoes probably cost more than your entire outfit. Most likely to be found sitting on the edge of the dance floor (heaven forbid tread on their dress or spill a drink on their suit when they’re amongst  the masses), this sartorial superstar can be distinguished by their flawless pocket square/tie combo and hair that’s shinier than your career prospects.

5. The one eating everyone else’s desserts:

The most strategic creature of the pack. As 90% of the cohort dance away to the Law Society band, this tactical creature will peruse the tables for creme brûlée to devour, leaving disappointed party goers in their wake.

6. The one who can dance:

During the course of semester, they may look like just your everyday law student, but come August 13th, they will be a force to reckoned with. Whether they’re the Social Justice VP or perhaps a baby lawyer you’ve never met before, prepare to be astounded by their flexibility, joie de vivre and general capacity to put Channing Tatum’s Step Up moves to shame.

7. The ones who are just there to have a great night:

After all, Law Ball is a chance to channel your inner Beyonce, party at a waterfront venue with your nearest and dearest and dance the night away until your legs lose all feeling.

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