Student Faculty Board

The Law Faculty Board is the key governance body of the UNSW Law Faculty, and is responsible for making decisions relating to degree structure, research priorities, admission requirements and any other changes that may affect UNSW Law students. The Faculty Board is comprised of key staff and leadership personnel of the UNSW Law Faculty as well as a number of elected student representatives from the UNSW Law student cohort.

As student representatives on the Faculty Board, their role is to facilitate two-way communications between law students and the faculty leadership. They represent the views and interests of students on the Faculty Board, providing input into decision-making to ensure the wellbeing of students is achieved in the administration of Law School. They also liaise and work with faculty leadership including the Dean so as to promote better understanding amongst students of the work and priorities of the Law Faculty.

10 student representatives were elected to the Faculty Board by the student body at the conclusion of 2017. They are:

NameDegree TypeCommittee Membership
Stephanie BlancquartUndergraduateQualifying Degrees Committee
James LiUndergraduateQualifying Degrees Committee
Johnson ManUndergraduateInternational Committee
Angad RandhawaUndergraduateEquity and Diversity Committee
Lauren StinsonUndergraduateQualifying Degrees Committee (alternate)
Chujing CaiJuris DoctorIndigenous Legal Education and Research Committee
Lachlan BlairJuris DoctorQualifying Degrees Committee
Anna HoltbyJuris DoctorQualifying Degrees Committee
Jayani PereraPostgraduate CourseworkPostgraduate Education Committee
Christopher McElwainHigher Degree ResearchResearch Committee

These 10 students are able to vote on all aspects of Faculty governance that come before the Board for discussion, and can be contacted collectively at

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