LAWS3812/JURD7516 Sport and the Law

Lecturer: Dr Thomas Hickie

What is the course about?
Sport is a central part of modern Australian society and culture. Not surprisingly, as professionalism has become the norm, those involved with sport, be they players, managers, administrators and/or supporters, are increasingly looking to the law to protect their rights and/or resolve their problems. How and why has this happened? The course touches on a number of different areas of law such as administrative law, business associations, contracts, criminal law, discrimination, industrial relations, taxation, trade practices and torts. The aim is to draw upon specific issues from these various branches of the law and to place them in an historical and modern day context so as to give participants an understanding of the developing role the law is making in the world of sport as well as the policy and ethical issues facing those involved.

Why does this subject interest you?
It is the law in action.

Do you have any advice to give to students who are interested in taking this course?
OMG practical law! No mad exams! It requires being ready to research, present, debate and argue a point both orally and in writing.

How will this course be relevant in the future?
Possible jobs, jobs, jobs – here and overseas!