LAWS3143/JURD7343 Advanced Tort Law

Lecturer: Prue Vines 

What is the course about?
The course is about some of the torts not covered in the basic torts course, such as commercial torts including interference with contract and misfeasance in public office. The course also considers more deeply some topics in torts including the use of torts as human rights law, a deeper understanding of public authority liability in negligence, aspects of tort and environmental law and other topics depending on current issues in the area.

Why does the subject interest you?
It interests me because tort law is such a wide area of law and there are so many areas in which it can be brought to bear.

Do you have any advice to give students who are interested in taking this course?
This course would be useful for people interested in a range of areas including personal injury law, but also commercial law where the commercial torts are used, industrial law, and so on. It will deepen and broaden students’ understanding and ability to use the range of torts in existence.

How will this course be relevant in the future?
It will be relevant for practice in a range of areas, and might also inform a more theoretical interest in academia (e.g. pursuing a PhD).

What is the best aspect of the course?
I think the best aspect of the course is that it allows students to develop an understanding of the richness of the law and literature on tort and the wide range of matters in the world that it is relevant to.