LAWS3066/JURD7566 Criminal Threats from Cyberspace

Lecturer: Alana Marushat

What is the course about?
This course is about cybercrime and the technologies that are used to commit crime. We look at online fraud, hacking, hacktivism, surveillance, digital forensics, online copyright and counterfeit goods, and cyber-terrorism. This year students will go through a detailed case study involving the case of an online fraud company, and the steps in the cyber-investigation taken over two years to against the boiler room company, done in conjunction with the online cybercrime investigation firm, the Internet Fraud  Watchdog.

Why does the subject interest you?
There is nothing static about cybercrime. The technologies and criminal techniques change rapidly which means that, as a cyber-security expert, I am constantly researching and learning to keep up, so to speak.

Do you have any advice to give students who are interested in taking this course?
You don’t need to have technical knowledge to take and do well in this course. Intellectual curiosity is the only recommendation, along with at least some basic knowledge about criminal law.

How will this course be relevant in the future?
Our world has changed such that we use technologies in nearly every facet of our lives. We are dependent on these technologies which are, for the most part, vulnerable and susceptible to interference. This course will help you to better use digital evidence as a lawyer, but perhaps more importantly, you will learn better and safer ways of protecting your information from getting into the wrong hands.