LAWS3028/JURD7328 Employment Law

Lecturer: Danny King

All students, and indeed all members of our community, are affected by the laws of employment in one way or another. LAWS3028/JURD 7328 – Employment Law will cover the study of individual employment relationships in Australia. To ensure that students find the course relevant, Employment Law will draw on student experiences, case law, and the use of hypotheticals.

Whatever career awaits students, the aim of this course is to provide enough background to enable students to identify the employment law issues of each deal, transaction, or matter. Students will be able to critically assess and identify areas of concern in their own working situations, and those of their friends and family.

Employment Law is an elective subject for law and is able to be taken without any prior knowledge of the area or pre-requisite courses. An understanding of employment law will be a valuable addition to any lawyer’s skill-base, as it overlaps with many other areas of law (such as that of contract), but is equally useful for those who do not plan to practice.

Students will learn about:

  • what distinguishes employee / employer relationships from other relationships in which work is performed;
  • formation, duration, and termination of the contract of employment;
  • terms expressed, implied, or otherwise incorporated into the contract of employment;
  • the rights and liabilities of employers and employees under contract, legislation, awards, and industrial instruments;
  • limits on employer prerogative; and
  • what remedies are available to employers and employees for breach of employment contracts, regulations, or awards.