JURD7480 Principled Negotiation

Lecturer: Rosemary Howell

What is the course about?
The course is based on the concepts of interest-based (or integrative) negotiation as developed at the Harvard Program on Negotiation. Using an experiential learning format, the course provides students with tools to promote effective preparation for, engagement in and review of negotiations of all kinds.

Why does this course interest you?
We all negotiate all the time but most of us rely on practices which are very tactical (that is – what shall we do and how shall we do it) rather than strategic (why are we doing this and what is a good outcome). This program provides a strategic base for negotiation practice which tells us when to talk and when to walk and helps us to identify in advance what a good outcome will look like. These are tools for life, not just for legal practice.

Do you have any advice for students who are interested in the course?
Read the course outline carefully. It gives a very good idea of what the experience will be like and the students who will enjoy it the most. Speak to former students also. The class is very mixed and attracts international students plus students from many different masters program. This provides a very rich learning environment and great dynamics.

How will this course be relevant in the future?
These materials have remained relevant for more than 30 years. They are tools for life and a wonderful way of thinking about challenges of all kinds.