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Year 12 student collects hundreds of donated formal dresses

Coming up to Ball season (cash y’all at Law Ball how bout dat), many of you would know the stress and the $$$ involved with finding an outfit, making this article particularly wholesome. A student from Port Macquarie has collected over 200 donated formal dresses for those Year 12 gals that can’t afford them. She also collects shoes and clutches, with the goal of ensuring that every girl is able to experience the joys of a school formal by reducing the anxiety many of them may experience.

Check out the article link below if you have any old formal dresses sitting in the closet that you want to donate.

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A lunar eclipse to go down in history

We’re sure you’ve heard about the recent Blood Moon lunar eclipse but check out these pictures because they are absolutely bangin’! Lasting for nearly 43mins, the eclipse is the longest in the 21st century and got its name for the deep red colour of the moon. The light from the sun goes through the earth’s atmosphere on its way to the moon, turning the light red in the same way the sun looks red when it sets. Seeing as it happened crazy early, chances are our night owl friends missed it so here are some photos so we can all appreciate mother nature a bit more!

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Bon voyage Lee Lin Chin!

While this is actually covers some pretty sad news, it’s included on this list because we’re honoring the illustrious career of a national treasure. The one, the only, Lee Lin Chin! Having covered some the world’s most important stories, her 30 year career is one of the most impressive in the world of journalism, but she’s become known to our generation for her quirky fashion sense, her crackin’ tweets and her brilliant performance on ‘The Feed’. Have a read of the attached article or look up ‘Lee Lin Chin Best Moments’ in YouTube if you want a solid giggle!

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A beach trip to remember

Some things we take for granted, that we may not even consider special, can mean the world to another person. With the help of his friends, a man, born with cerebral palsy, was finally able to experience the beach after 36 years. Always take a moment to appreciate the little things in life!

Pugshot of the week

Bean the Pug was taken into custody at Cape May Police department after getting lost on his way home. If the “pugshot” isn’t enough of an incentive to read the article, the pug later paid his bail in cookies!

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