Here We Go…Again.

Welcome back to Law in 2018! Hopefully, y’all are now well and truly starting to settle into this new year of university, be it you keen and fresh first years eager and raring to go, or much more disillusioned older ones who can’t believe holidays went by so fast (that’s us!) We certainly hope you’re doing better than us, one of whom was sick with that eccentric phenomenon known as “Freshers Flu,” the other of whom really has no excuse at all.

This is me. If you know me, you’d note that this is not my profile picture, and that I am never this cool. This is me attempting to change my image from someone who is a member of the youth wing of a right-wing party. Please don’t hate me. :’(

This is Nayonika (on the right.) Nayonika is not a Young Liberal. Nayonika has many friends. Be like Nayonika.

A quick introduction from your two new bloggers for 2018! My name’s Mikey, a second year student who decided that combining with psychology was a good idea that would be worth the six years of pure exhaustion, and my partner is Nayonika, my much better organised counterpart, who is a tragic, but outstandingly diverse and intelligent alcoholic, self-described as “a little bit of everything.” (He’s just being nice). We’re your Online Publications Directors for this year – which basically is a fancy and overwrought term for saying that we write (and hopefully edit your contributions) for LawSoc Blog, that strange thing you might not have known existed, in the strange depths of the Law Society website. That’s ok though – our mission this year is to make sure that we continue to write and publish all the spicy content you might want about Law Society, or be that middleman between you and blogging fame. If you ever want to contact us, contribute, or ask those pesky questions you might have, you are very welcome to do so at the creatively named email

So, what’d I miss?


Because, like, no-one misses that. Right? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?
For all those dedicated enough to go to uni the week before semester started, O-Week continued its tradition of rewarding you with the all-important freebies of various societies, and the countless forms that you will regret filling once the spam comes into your inbox. For Law Society though, it actually serves a major purpose! To continue participating in this amazing society, and all the benefits it comes with like $2 Monday morning coffee, 15% off our lovely sponsors at Coco Cubano, and a very shiny and nice purple sticker as that #statussymbol, O-Week was the opportunity for you to sign up, or renew your membership with one of the biggest and most active faculty societies on campus. Don’t stress if you missed out though! The signup application is still available online, at, and you can feel free to take the escalator up to the LawSoc Office on the 3rd floor to complete your application and be a part of the ‘I do law’ crew.

Who’s Who in the LawSoc Zoo?

Because some of you have thoughts and questions.
Check these very qualified hard-working and surprisingly photogenic people out at! Oh, and our Presidents are William Vu and Nikita Harlalka, because at the time of this blog being published, they’ve still been too modest to write their own profiles, and their names still haven’t been updated from last year (don’t say all law students are organised!) Just quietly though, our favourite VP is Samuel Jackson (no bias there! 😉 )
We’d also just like to give a special shout-out to the Wellbeing crew in the Law Society, because they’re just a very important and amazing bunch of people. If ever you are struggling to cope with the workload of law, and it’s something just as valid a problem in your final year as it is in your first, you’re always very welcome to come along to the many sessions they offer to help students out along the way or just genuinely love floofers and lambs.
Alanna, Jake and Emily can also be contacted at We also have a very hands on Social Justice team with a number of officer ships such as the – Women, Queer and Ethnocultural officers whom you can contact to discuss information with or collect information from at

Get involved!

A year passes by quickly at UNSW Law School, a fact we never appreciated revising before final exams, but something we can definitely attest to now with a year under our belt. Opportunities like the competitions, various extra-curricular programs like LawPLUS, and even doing things like contributing to this blog, and other policy submissions won’t come better than they do here in this amazing society. If you’re unsure, have a go. If you don’t like it, quit. That’s fine. It’s not for everyone. But there’s never any harm in trying. Don’t end the year with regrets that you didn’t try something because you couldn’t be bothered – Law Society offers too much for you to do that. And maybe, just maybe, you might find that we might have something which is exactly what’s best for you. And that’s our message to begin the year.

Please feel free to comment, contribute articles, and ask any questions you may have of us at, and Nayonika or I will try to get to you asap. More fresh and spicy content will be coming your way very very soon!

Have an excellent year.
Mikey and Nayonika out xx

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