The UNSW Law Society is an incorporated association, registered charity and Arc-affiliated student society. It is governed by the Cabinet, which conducts weekly meetings to make key decisions for the Society, approve budget expenditure and ensure good governance and compliance. Individual members of the Cabinet in turn lead portfolios of Executive members, who carry out the day to day activities of the Law Society.

Organisational Structure

Constitution and Regulations

The UNSW Law Society’s governance rules, policies and procedures are set out in the Constitution and Regulations. The Constitution can only be amended by an AGM or EGM of members of the Law Society. The Regulations can be amended by a motion in Cabinet.

Cabinet Meeting Minutes

These minutes are paraphrased accounts of the discussion at Cabinet meetings and are uploaded to give our members an idea of the decision-making process in Cabinet and the initiatives we discuss. Sensitive items such as the names of executive members, internal disciplinary issues, confidential agreements with sponsors and other external parties have been redacted.