Funky Things to do in Sydney

Ever find yourself with a lot of spare time but nothing to do? Although scrolling through Instagram and binge-watching Netflix all day does sound appealing, why not try getting out there and exploring what Sydney has to offer once in a while?

If you’re looking for some cool things to do in Sydney, we’ve got you covered! There’s plenty of stuff to do here, so we’ve narrowed the list down to 8 funky things you can try out on your days off.


Let’s face it, nobody looks forward to Mondays. Nothing kills that “weekend high” faster than a 9am lecture on a Monday morning. But if you feel like getting rid of those Monday blues, head on over with your mates to The Comedy Lounge for an 8pm show costing just $10 at the door! They have an ever changing line-up of comedians, delicious pizzas and great booze (daily happy hours from 5-7pm!!). Food, booze, jokes – what more could you ask for?

The Comedy Lounge takes place every Monday at the Cafe Lounge in Surry Hills. So if you’re looking to laugh away some stress, do check it out!

For more information: http://www.cafelounge.com.au/comedy/


If you’re looking for some family-friendly ways to get high, look no further than the Sky Zone Trampoline Park located in Alexandria. Sky Zone Alexandria is an indoor trampoline park with more than 100 interconnected trampolines and a ball pit (appropriately named “The Pit”) that you can dive into with reckless abandon. For only $18 an hour, you can literally bounce of the walls. Jumping for joy yet?

Alternatively, you can try out Sky Climb – Sky Zone’s newest sky high pursuit. Whether you want to brave climbing through the obstacles on your own, or challenge your mates to get to the top, Sky Climb offers a safe environment to have a great time!

For more info: https://www.skyzone.com.au/locations/alexandria


Think you are a better detective than Sherlock Holmes? Well, here’s your chance to prove that your game is as big as your talk. Sydney’s littered with awesome escape rooms filled with head-scratching clues and riddles you have to solve to “escape” the rooms.

If you’re in the CBD, check out the Enigma Room for some espionage-themed activities, or the CT Adventure Escape Room for some pretty eerie settings to work in. Mission Sydney also offers a range of themes including some family kidnapping, a mysterious crystal mine and even a human doctor experiment.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab some friends and give it a go!


Sure you’ve passed by it a couple of times when you’re in Circular Quay, but have you ever walked in? Open every day from 10am – 5pm (9pm on Wednesdays), this museum has an incredible selection of art for your viewing pleasure. Free guided tours are available daily at 1pm, giving you a chance to discover art, artists and their hidden stories.

The secluded rooftop MCA café offers some of the best views of both the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. So if you’re looking for some aesthetically pleasing experiences on your days off, this is definitely one place you should pay a visit to.

For more info: https://www.mca.com.au


There’s nothing worse than pushing through the endless crowds of people at Central on your way home each night, but located a mere 5mins walk away is this hidden gem that’ll be sure to make you jealous of all the UTS students that study just across the road. The tiny winding alley way is lined with artys lanterns (also making it a perfect spot for a Gram) and stacks of different vendors each selling some delicious delicacy from a different part of Asia, and with communal seating, you don’t have to worry about that one friend that you can rely on wanting to eat somewhere different to the rest of the group. But of course with many of us living on that uni-student budget, a huge plus side is that it’s also BYO!

Open everyday of the week for both lunch and dinner, this is a safe bet for a cracking night out!

For more info: https://spice-alley.com.au/


This one is for all of you that haven’t changed your Facebook/IG dps since your Year 12 formal… As always, the annual Vivid light show is a guaranteed good night. With nearly a month packed with concerts, events, and beautiful light displays on Sydney’s most iconic buildings (duh), watching the Opera House looking like it’s trippin’ is an absolute must for every Sydney resident. It’s also a great way to get out and see the city in a new light (ha ha) if you’ve moved to Sydney recently and haven’t had a chance to! Open every night for the duration of the event, there really is no excuse not to go, and I personally cannot wait to see my timeline flooded with the generic Vivid profile pic updates of everyone in some light tunnel for some really wholesome content.

Vivid opens on the 25th May and goes until the 16th June so get ready!
For more info: https://www.vividsydney.com/


Speaking of wholesomeness… We know that with the recently booming Dog Appreciation Society this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea (pun intended), but everyone loves having a cuddle with a walking ball of fluff no matter what’s underneath it right! So head on over to the Catmosphere Cat Cafe in Surry Hills, where you can book in to have a cup of coffee, do some work if you really want (this will be worth leaving uni work at home we promise), all the while surrounded by more cats than you can count! They also run Yoga classes with the kitties walking around, but my favourite, you can go and play with stacks of adopted KITTENS! This cafe lets its customers play with newly adopted kittens to help their socialisation process and is 100% guaranteed to give you a break from whatever thiccc assignments/exams you have on at the time. All cats (yes, including the kittens) are up for adoption, so be prepared to potentially leave with a few new friends!

For more info: https://www.catmospherecafe.com.au/


This one comes with a disclaimer. I am the most uncreative and artistically challenged person I’ve ever encountered in my certifiably uneventful life, and I can assure you that artistic ability does not make a flying duck of difference to how much fun this event is.

We all have moments where we realise how caught up we’ve been with uni/work/life and how long it’s been since we’ve seen our high school/uni/life gang of friends. BOOK THIS NOW. For $60, you arrive at this tucked away place in Surry Hills, all paint and equipment is supplied by the most lovely art teacher ever, and you and your pals are free to absentmindedly paint away while you gossip about life! Oh, I also forget to mention that its BYO! So re-imagine that scenario except with your gang being 4 glasses of Rose deep and ‘voila!’, even the best painter of your group will be at the same creative ability as you!

At the end of the day, no one cares about the artwork so please please please don’t let that hold you back! It’s about a night catching up with friends, not thinking about anything heavy, and just let loose!

For more info: http://www.corkandchroma.com.au/

So whether you’re looking for a purrfect afternoon or a night of gut-wrenching laughter, there’s definitely something out there that’s right up your alley!

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