Executive Directory


Co-President – Khushaal Vyas, Stephanie Blancquart 
Email: presidents@unswlawsoc.org
Immediate Past President – Justin Teo, Audrey Chan 
Secretary – Henry Robinson 
Email: secretary@unswlawsoc.org
Treasurer – Patrick O’Connell 
Email: treasurer@unswlawsoc.org
Vice-President (Activities) – Eloise Kneebone 
Email: activities@unswlawsoc.org
Vice-President (Administration) – Dylan Hopcroft 
Email: administration@unswlawsoc.org
Vice-President (Education) – William Vu 
Email: education@unswlawsoc.org
Vice-President (International) – William Yang 
Email: international@unswlawsoc.org
Vice-President (Juris Doctor) – Tim Edstein 
Email: jd@unswlawsoc.org
Vice-President (Mooting) – Major Zhang 
Email: mooting@unswlawsoc.org
Vice-President (Private Law Careers) – Anthony Fong 
Email: privatelawcareers@unswlawsoc.org
Vice-President (Public Interest Careers) – Nikita Harlalka 
Email: publicinterestcareers@unswlawsoc.org
Vice-President (Skills) – Chris Yuan 
Email: skills@unswlawsoc.org
Vice-President (Social Justice) – William Berthelot 
Email: socialjustice@unswlawsoc.org


Events Director – Shivika Gupta 
Email: events@unswlawsoc.org
LawPLUS Director – Sabrina Wong, Joanna Ma 
Email: lawplus@unswlawsoc.org
Music Director – Betty Won 
Email: music@unswlawsoc.org
Socials Director – Bella Olsson 
Email: socials@unswlawsoc.org
Sports Director – Angela Moran, Stefan Music 
Email: sports@unswlawsoc.org


International Private Law Careers Director – Angela Liu, Katie Lau 
Email: int.plc@unswlawsoc.org
International Social Media Director – Yiwen Gao, Ann Zheng 
Email: int.marketing@unswlawsoc.org
International Students (Activities) Director – Queenie Liu, Vivien Ding 
Email: int.activities@unswlawsoc.org
International Students (Cultural Awareness) Director – Una Kim, Daisy Ren 
Email: int.culturalawareness@unswlawsoc.org


Beginners Mooting Competition Director – Christina Han, Anne Wang 
Email: beginner.mooting@unswlawsoc.org
Intermediate Mooting Competition Director – Robert Rourke, Raul Vellani 
Email: intermediate.mooting@unswlawsoc.org
Intervarsity Mooting Director – Kimberly Yoon 
Email: mooting.intervarsity@unswlawsoc.org
Mooting Training Director – Lachlan Peake, Veronica Sebesfi 
Email: mooting.training@unswlawsoc.org
Senior Mooting Competition Director – Winsome Hall, Taylor Jones 
Email: senior.mooting@unswlawsoc.org

Private Law Careers

Private Law Careers Director –  
Email: [To be personalised later]
Private Law Careers Director – Fletcher O’Connor 
Email: fletcher.oconnor@unswlawsoc.org
Private Law Careers Director – Laura Batchelor-Sharp 
Email: laura.batchelorsharp@unswlawsoc.org
Private Law Careers Director – Matthew Gore 
Email: matthew.gore@unswlawsoc.org
Private Law Careers Director – Michael Wang 
Email: michael.wang@unswlawsoc.org
Private Law Careers Director – Terence Zhou 
Email: terence.zhou@unswlawsoc.org
Private Law Publications Director – Stephanie Bian 
Email: publications.plc@unswlawsoc.org


Advanced Client Interviewing Director -Karen Lee, David Le
Email: advanced.clientinterviewing@unswlawsoc.org
Advanced Negotiations Director -Devesh Gopal, Ronojoy Raychaudhuri
Email: advanced.negotiations@unswlawsoc.org
Beginners Client Interviewing Director – Jun Park, Isaac Ada
Email: beginners.clientinterviewing@unswlawsoc.org
Beginners Negotiations Director – Jessica Shao, Lilian Wan
Email: beginners.negotiations@unswlawsoc.org
Intermediate Negotiations Director – Rachel Chan, Natasha Krikorian
Email: intermediate.negotiations@unswlawsoc.org
Skills Director (Competitions) – Nadhirah Daud, Minnie Wu
Email: skillsdirector@unswlawsoc.org
Skills Director (External) – Clement Ngai
Email: skillsdirector.external@unswlawsoc.org
Witness Examination Director – Natalie Ho, Ye Rin Yoo
Email: witnessexamination@unswlawsoc.org
Witness Examination Director – Isha Fay
Email: beginners.witnessexamination@unswlawsoc.org


Data Scientist – Tim Enderby
Email: data@unswlawsoc.org
IT & Website Director – Sean Yeoh
Email: it@unswlawsoc.org
Marketing Coordinator – Cynthia Ying
Email: marketing@unswlawsoc.org
Marketing Director – Debbie Zhou, Julie Zhu, Emily Vu, Danielle Huang, Hannah Lee
Email: marketingteam@unswlawsoc.org
Member Engagement Director – Jasmine Lei
Email: member.services@unswlawsoc.org
Online Publications Director – Alexandra Baker, Zac Staub
Email: blog@unswlawsoc.org
Publications Design Director – Loretta Chung
Email: publications.editor@unswlawsoc.org
Snapchat Officer – Angela Zhangbao
Email: snapchat@unswlawsoc.org
The Brief Editor – Charlotte Kong
Email: thebrief@unswlawsoc.org
Video and Photography Director – Sam Jackson
Email: multimedia@unswlawsoc.org


Academic Development Director – Natasha Hartanto, Samuel Lee 
Email: academicsupport@unswlawsoc.org
Education Publications Director – Julie Wong, Angell Jin 
Email: publications.edu@unswlawsoc.org
Professional Development Director – Li Li Jong, Edward Ren 
Email: professionalsupport@unswlawsoc.org
Student Mentoring Director – Anurag Chadha, Angus Wong, Sally Wang 
Email: mentoring.director@unswlawsoc.org
Student Wellbeing Director – Tracey Xue, Thalia Piperaris, Celina Lui 
Email: wellbeing.director@unswlawsoc.org

Juris Doctor & Postgraduate

JD/PG Activities Director – Egor Serov, Nina O’Keefe 
Email: jd.activities@unswlawsoc.org
JD/PG Competitions Director – Maddy Wonders, Sarah Thompson 
Email: jd.competitions@unswlawsoc.org
JD/PG Education Director – Clare Cullen, Neetika Nagpal 
Email: jd.education@unswlawsoc.org
JD/PG Mentoring Director – Emma Ting, Agape Lioulois 
Email: jd.mentoring@unswlawsoc.org

Public Interest Careers

Public Interest Careers Director – Samuel Westley, Sachin Kinger, Venthan Brabaakaran, Suji Shin 
Email: pic.events@unswlawsoc.org
Public Interest Careers Publications Director – Joy Chen 
Email: publications.pic@unswlawsoc.org

Domestic Sponsorship Director – James Dunn 
Email: sponsorship@unswlawsoc.org
International Sponsorship Director – William Goh 
Email: int.sponsorship@unswlawsoc.org
Strategic Parternerships and Advancement Director – Jessica Lasky 
Email: partnership@unswlawsoc.org

Social Justice

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Officer – Kiara Di Carlo 
Email: atsi@unswlawsoc.org
Court of Conscience Editor in Chief –  
Email: courtofconscienceeic@unswlawsoc.org
Court of Conscience Editor in Chief –  
Email: courtofconscience@unswlawsoc.org
Ethnocultural Officer – Mariam Jaber 
Email: ethnocultural.officer@unswlawsoc.org
Queer Officer – Naomi Graham 
Email: queer.officer@unswlawsoc.org
Social Justice Director – Erol Gorur, Rachael Short 
Email: socialjustice.director@unswlawsoc.org
Social Justice Partnerships, Volunteers & Publications Director – Elise Baker 
Email: socialjustice.partnerships@unswlawsoc.org
Social Justice Policy Submissions Director – Angad Randhawa, Johnson Man 
Email: policy.submissions@unswlawsoc.org
Women’s Officer – Stephanie Guo 
Email: genderequality@unswlawsoc.org


Finance Director – Shonie Kaushik 
Email: finance.director@unswlawsoc.org