Executive Directory


Co-Presidents – Nikita Harlalka and William Vu JP
Email: presidents@unswlawsoc.org

Secretary – Johnson Man
Email: secretary@unswlawsoc.org

Treasurer – Jessica Lasky
Email: treasurer@unswlawsoc.org

Vice-President (Activities) – Shivika Gupta
Email: activities@unswlawsoc.org

Vice-President (Administration) – Samuel Jackson
Email: administration@unswlawsoc.org

Vice-President (Education) – Natasha Hartanto
Email: education@unswlawsoc.org

Vice-President (International) – Vivien Ding
Email: international@unswlawsoc.org

Vice-President (Juris Doctor & Postgraduate) – Emma Ting
Email: jdpg@unswlawsoc.org

Vice-President (Mooting) – Anne Wang
Email: mooting@unswlawsoc.org

Vice-President (Private Law Careers) – Fletcher O’Connor
Email: privatelawcareers@unswlawsoc.org

Vice-President (Public Interest Careers) – Sachin Kinger
Email: publicinterestcareers@unswlawsoc.org

Vice-President (Skills) – Minnie Wu
Email: skills@unswlawsoc.org

Vice-President (Social Justice) – Nick Parker
Email: socialjustice@unswlawsoc.org


Events Director – Nicola Ray
Email: events@unswlawsoc.org

Socials Director – Wendy Zheng
Email: socials@unswlawsoc.org

Sports Directors – Georgia Winkcup and Eli Hall
Email: sports@unswlawsoc.org

Music Directors – Josh Everret and Madison Wu
Email: music@unswlawsoc.org

LawPLUS Directors – Lauren Howe and Rajeev Casinader
Email: lawplus@unswlawsoc.org


International Private Law Careers Directors – Emma Lu and Kingston King Yeung Tang
Email: int.plc@unswlawsoc.org

International Social Media Directors – Jiayi Liu and Katherine Fu
Email: int.marketing@unswlawsoc.org

Activities Directors – Jiayue Chen and Elvin Ou
Email: int.activities@unswlawsoc.org

International Student Development Directors – Jade Pan and Caroline Cheng
Email: int.studentdevelopment@unswlawsoc.org


Mooting Training Directors – Anne Wang and Christina Han
Email: mooting.training@unswlawsoc.org

Intervarsity Mooting Director – Nancy Lee
Email: external.mooting@unswlawsoc.org

Beginners Mooting Competition Directors – Jessica Sun and Rebecca Zhong
Email: beginner.mooting@unswlawsoc.org

Intermediate Mooting Competition Directors – Laura Batchelor-Sharp and Leigh Gordon
Email: intermediate.mooting@unswlawsoc.org

Senior Mooting Competition Directors – Matthew Shields and Fiona Pyliotis
Email: senior.mooting@unswlawsoc.org

Private Law Careers

Private Law Careers Director – Julie Wong
Email: julie.wong@unswlawsoc.org

Private Law Careers Director – Natalie Zhen
Email: natalie.zhen@unswlawsoc.org

Private Law Careers Director – James Cai
Email: james.cai@unswlawsoc.org

Private Law Careers Director – Divya Ahlawat
Email: divya.ahlawat@unswlawsoc.org

Private Law Careers Director – Will Zhou
Email: william.zhou@unswlawsoc.org

Private Law Careers Director – Steph Bian
Email: stephanie.bian@unswlawsoc.org

Private Law Publications Directors – Holly Yuan and Andrew Weng
Email: publications.plc@unswlawsoc.org


Skills Director (Competitions) – Leon Delnawaz, Natasha Krikorian and David Le
Email: skillsdirector@unswlawsoc.org

Skills Director (External) – Lilian Wan
Email: skillsdirector.external@unswlawsoc.org

Beginners Client Interviewing Directors – Panayiotis Xenos and Cherry Tan
Email: beginners.clientinterviewing@unswlawsoc.org

Client Interviewing (Open) Directors – James Lamberton and Ann Kwak
Email: clientinterviewing@unswlawsoc.org

Beginners Negotiations Directors – Preetha Varadharajan and Rubsat Amin
Email: beginners.negotiations@unswlawsoc.org

Intermediate Negotiations Directors – Darshanna Surendran and Kim Nguyen
Email: intermediate.negotiations@unswlawsoc.org

Advanced Negotiations Directors – Brittany Young and Sabrina Wong
Email: advanced.negotiations@unswlawsoc.org

Beginners Witness Examination Directors – Ankita Choudary and Candice Lincon
Email: beginners.witnessexamination@unswlawsoc.org

Advanced Witness Examination Directors – Gabrella Raco and Chuyu Xiao
Email: witnessexamination@unswlawsoc.org

President’s Portfolio

Domestic Sponsorship Directors – Alistair Leung and Raghav Iyer
Email: sponsorship@unswlawsoc.org

International Sponsorship Director – Angus Wong
Email: int.sponsorship@unswlawsoc.org


Governance and Compliance Officers – Ashton Cook and Joshua Geng
Email: governance@unswlawsoc.org


Marketing Coordinator – Debbie Zhou
Email: marketing@unswlawsoc.org

Marketing Directors – Claire Cao, Sherry Chen, Lisa Tiu, Justin Song and Meryl Mao Jiang
Email: marketingteam@unswlawsoc.org

IT & Website Director – Declan Scott
Email: it@unswlawsoc.org

Member Engagement Directors – Naomi Graham and Melissa Chye
Email: member.services@unswlawsoc.org

Videography Director – Leo Leclerc
Email: videographer@unswlawsoc.org

Photography Director – Joseph El Hagg
Email: photographer@unswlawsoc.org

Publications Design Coordinator – Karina Wong
Email: publications.editor@unswlawsoc.org

Online Publications Directors – Nayonika Bhattcharya and Michael Xu
Email: blog@unswlawsoc.org

The Brief Editor – Yanni Gu
Email: thebrief@unswlawsoc.org

Social Media Director – Isaac Dela Torre
Email: socialmedia@unswlawsoc.org


Student Mentoring Directors – Angell Jin and Loretta Chung
Email: mentoring.director@unswlawsoc.org

Student Wellbeing Directors – Alanna Condon, Jake Widjaya and Emily Little
Email: wellbeing.director@unswlawsoc.org

Academic Development Directors – Megan Jones and Aanika Matin
Email: academicsupport@unswlawsoc.org

Professional Development Directors – Mariam Jaber and Veronica Truong
Email: professionalsupport@unswlawsoc.org

Education Publications Directors – Shirley Zhang, Jennifer Zhao and Kelly Yoon
Email: publications.edu@unswlawsoc.org

Juris Doctor/Postgraduate

JD/PG Activities Directors – Sorin Ridgway-Browne and Anisha Hegde
Email: jdpg.activities@unswlawsoc.org

JD/PG Mentoring Directors – Shirley Celine Tia and Sagang Chung
Email: jdpg.mentoring@unswlawsoc.org

JD/PG Competitions Directors – Amanda Uppal and Joshua Kan
Email: jdpg.competitions@unswlawsoc.org

Social Justice

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Officer – TBD
Email: atsi@unswlawsoc.org

Women’s Officer – Jasmine Lei
Email: women@unswlawsoc.org 

Queer Officer – Alex Feng
Email: queer.officer@unswlawsoc.org

Ethnocultural Officer – Apreetha Silva Das
Email: ethnocultural.officer@unswlawsoc.org

Court of Conscience Editor in Chief – Vijay Prakash
Email: courtofconscienceeic@unswlawsoc.org

Social Justice Directors – Vishnu Natesh and Lily Pan
Email: socialjustice.director@unswlawsoc.org

Policy Submissions Directors – Sophie Berton and Nick Parker
Email: policy.submissions@unswlawsoc.org

Public Interest Careers

Public Interest Careers Director – Alice Kwan
Email: alice.kwan@unswlawsoc.org

Public Interest Careers Director – Ritwik Dasgupta
Email: ritwik.dasgupta@unswlawsoc.org

Public Interest Careers Director – Sarah Philipson
Email: sarah.philipson@unswlawsoc.org

Public Interest Careers Director – Diana Lee
Email: diana.lee@unswlawsoc.org

Public Interest Careers Director – Jim Tong
Email: jim.tong@unswlawsoc.org

Innovations Director – Clinton Chan
Email: clinton.chan@unswlawsoc.org

Public Interest Careers Publications Directors – Anne Yang and Hannah Lee
Email: publications.pic@unswlawsoc.org