Educational Resources

College of Law Essay Writing Workshop
Presenter: Dr Dominic Fitzsimmons

Legal Research Tutorial

Mid-Semester Revision Workshop
LAWS2371: Resolving Civil Disputes
Presenter: Jess Woodhouse

Contracts Mid Semester Revision

Admin Mid Semester Revision

Statutory Interpretation Workshop
Presenter: Sam Lee

Date: 26 September 2017
Workshop: LAWS2385/JURD7285 Equity and Trusts Mid-Semester Revision
Presenter: Vivien Ding

Workshop: Exam Prep

Workshop: Case Brief

Workshop: Legal Research

Date: 2 April 2015
Workshop: How to Answer an Essay Question
Presenter: Dominic Fitzsimmons

Date: Monday, 7th March 2016
Workshop: Legal Skills Series #1: How to write a case brief
Presenter: Dominic Fitzsimmons

Date: Thursday, 14th April 2016
Workshop: Legal Skills Series #2: Legal Research
Presenter: David Yang

Date: Tuesday, 10th May 2016 (Week 10)
Workshop: Legal Skills Series #3: Exam Note-Taking Workshop
Presenter: Nadhirah Daud and Miles Ma

Date: Tuesday, 15th August 2016
Workshop: Legal Skills Series #4: Problem Question Solving
Presenter: Patrick O’Connell

Date: Tuesday, 4th October 2016
Workshop: Legal Skills Series #5: Essay Writing
Presenter: Lachlan Peake