The Court of Conscience is UNSW Law Society’s premier social justice publication. As a multi-award-winning journal, run by a voluntary student editorial board, the publication aims to inspire interest in social justice in the UNSW community and beyond. The publication provides a space for community leaders, lawyers, academics and students to share their experiences, passions and concerns about topical social justice issues.

Submissions are academic, critical​​ and personal in nature​​ and focus on a multiplicity of issues relevant to social justice – all discussed within a legal framework.​ ​The publication has an outstanding record of renowned contributors such as Nicholas Cowdery AM QC, Ronald Sackville AO QC, Graeme Innes AM,​ ​and George Williams AO, as well as a talented range of student writers.​ ​The publication has also ​featured evocative and thought-provoking editorial pieces by an asylum seeker under the pseudonym Aasiya Amin and Wiradjuri Elder ‘Riverbank’ Frank Doolan.

As of Issue 8, the Court of Conscience is a peer-reviewed publication. Our Peer Review Policy can be found here.
For further information, to submit, or to get involved with the publication, please contact the Editor-in-Chief at

Court of Conscience Issue 12 is entitled: ‘Community Legal Issues in Redfern’. This year’s thematic considers everyday injustices in Redfern and threats to the community’s rich history as a cultural, social and political hub for First Nations’ people.