The Court of Conscience is the UNSW Law Society’s premier social justice publication. This multi-award-winning journal, run by a voluntary student editorial board, aims to inspire, nurture, and generate an interest in social justice in the Law Faculty and beyond. UNSW Law represents a beacon of social justice advocacy in the community and the Court of Conscience publication provides a space for students, lawyers and academics to share their experiences, passions and concerns about topical social justice issues.

Submissions are academic, critical​​ and personal in nature​​ and focus on a multiplicity of issues relevant to social justice – all discussed within a legal framework.​ ​The publication has an outstanding record of renowned contributors such as Nicholas Cowdery AM QC, Ronald Sackville AO QC, Graeme Innes AM,​ ​and George Williams AO, as well as a talented range of student writers.​ ​The publication has also ​featured evocative and thought-provoking editorial pieces by an asylum seeker under the pseudonym Aasiya Amin and Wiradjuri Elder ‘Riverbank’ Frank Doolan.

As of Issue 8, the Court of Conscience is a peer-reviewed publication.
For further information, to submit, or to get involved with the publication, please contact the Editor-in-Chief, Angelina Yurlova

In 2016, the UNSW Law Society is proud to bring to you Issue 10 of Court of Conscience ‘Giving Voice to Minority’. You can download your very own copy below