Client Interviewing Competition develops an essential skill necessary for all lawyers. When a lawyer first meets a client, he/she needs to interview the client and gather facts about their problem in order to understand the client’s needs and assist the client in making an informed decision. Such an interview is the setting of the client interviewing competition. 

Our Client Interviewing Competition tests the competitor's oral communication skills, teamwork, time management and critical thinking skills. In this competition, competitors will learn to establish a professional working relationship with the client, extract relevant facts from the client, and recognise and deal with moral and ethical issues. 

UNSW Law Society offers two Client Interviewing Competitions based on the competitor's skill and level.

Registration Link for All Competitions:

Beginners Client Interviewing

  • Offered to students in their first or second year

Advanced Client Interviewing

  • Offered to students in their third year and above.