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To all the returning law students, whether you’re beginning first year or fifth, and even those seventh years who can’t seem to move on, we want to give you all a big old Law Soc welcome back. Obviously we couldn’t think of any better way than a blog post. So, without further ado, welcome back!

So… Thanks for reading, that’s that I guess.

Just kidding – as if you’re getting out of this that easily. It’s the end of first week. That means that by now you’ve made your office works run, done the last minute panic stricken changes to your timetable (yes, a good lecturer is worth a bad timetable) and found that oh so elusive textbook salesperson that’s selling your textbook for half price (who cares if it’s one edition short, those cases probably don’t even matter anyway).  In other words, it’s time to get down to business.

This probably means different things to different people: it could be that you’re signing up to law camp, finally deciding to give mooting a go, or even just trying to muster up the courage to speak to that person in class who never looks at you. We know what it means to us though.

At this point, we should introduce ourselves. Hi, I’m Zak, and my excellent partner is Ali (last names can be found in the blog bylines). We’re the Online Publications Directors for this year, which means we run the blog. For us, settling down means coming up with excellent content to put out to you guys at least once a week, or more if something happens that you need to know (which, with the state of the world, is probably going to happen more often than anyone would like).

Oh, you want to know how you can get involved? Great – we were just getting to that. We would love your help. If you ever have something to say, or something you want to hear us write about, please email us at blog@unswlawsoc.org to tell us all about it. We’d even consider uploading a vlog if it was particularly funny.

So yea… Now we’re really done.

Looking forward to hearing from you all and we hope you have an excellent semester!

With love and dedication,

Zak and Ali.

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