5 Awesome Cafes Around Sydney to Check Out

1. Sub-Station Cafe

If you are looking to take amazing foodie pics for your Instagram, look no further than the iconic Sub-Station Cafe in Alexandria. Their aesthetic brunch menu will have your mouth water and we guarantee that it will be hard to resist the temptation of taking a photo before you indulge on their freshly prepared soups, salads and delicious sourdough toast.

Our recommendation:

  • Kashkaval Eggs for $16.50
  • Includes pan-roasted tomatoes with herbs with 2 free range baked eggs and Kashkaval cheese served with homemade pickled salad and fresh bread
  • Power Station Salad for $15.50
  • A delicious green garden salad with quinoa, avocado, grilled sweet potato, zucchini, shaved carrot, chickpeas, roasted almonds & sunflower seeds, pepitas, with a drizzle of lemon & virgin olive oil dressing – a great option for all our vegan friends!

2. Ristretto & Co

Don’t happen to dwell near the city but craving a good atmosphere where you can enjoy your coffee? Ristretto & Co in Liverpool is another perfect spot just for that! Equipped with a big open backyard space out the back, you’ll feel right at home in the wonderful and quaint ambience. Invite your friends and family to catch up and relax, or study by yourself at this great cafe on the other side of town.

Our recommendation:

  • Nutella Toast        for $4
  • Don’t miss out on the chance to revisit an old childhood classic!
  • Chicken Schnitzel Panini for $13
  • A filling brunch panini with chicken schnitzel, chill mayo, rocket pesto and smoked mozzarella

3. Catmosphere Cafe

Do you like cats? Do you like kittens? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then come check out Catmosphere Cafe located in Surry Hills. At Catmosphere Cafe you can enjoy your daily dose of caffeine alongside these adorable feline creatures! It operates on an appointment basis so make sure you call them beforehand to reserve a time slot so you don’t miss out on your chance to hang out with these furry friends. The cats tend to be more active in the morning (10am-12pm) and later in the evening (from 4pm onwards). The times in between are perfect for those who just want to chill, study in peace, or pull up a laptop and get some work done. A free serving of coffee is provided with both experiences.

Our recommendation:

  • Kitten Experience (30 minute stay) for $22
  • These little fellas are very playful, cuddly, and extremely mischievous. Don’t be surprised if you get your head stuck in twist when they start doing laps around you!
  • Cat Experience (1 hr stay) for $20
  • The adult cats are generally much calmer and more peaceful than their kitten counterparts, so they are perfect for those looking to destress and relax.

4. Cornersmith Marrickville

If you like the taste of home grown fruit and veg, then Cornersmith is the place for you! Located in Annandale, Cornersmith is all about keeping their food local, ethical and sustainable. The menu is always changing and is influenced by the latest produce that has been homegrown as part of the cafe’s trading program. The community is encouraged to bring in its surplus of backyard produce in exchange for a coffee or a jar of pickles.

Our recommendation:

  • As the menu is always changing you will never be short of options, but we would highly recommend trying their lunch specials!

5. Brown Sugar

Relaxed café by day, modern bistro by night, Brown Sugar caters to all your cravings. Located at Bondi Beach, Brown Sugar is renowned for using local, seasonal produce and bringing a Mediterranean influence to one of Australia’s most iconic beaches. If you’re searching for a flavoursome and creative breakfast, Brown Sugar is sure to deliver!

Our recommendation:

  • Ancient grains porridge for $17
  • A hearty serving of porridge with rhubarb compote, apple, hazelnut, brown sugar or honey. A great way to kickstart your mornings in Winter!
  • Sourdough buttermilk pancakes & maple for $17
  • A filling stack of pancakes with banana, berries & bacon or seasonal fruit & compote, topped with a dollop of greek yoghurt or ice cream. You can’t look past this option if you’re searching for something a little sweet!
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