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UNSW LawSoc goes to Law Revue


On Thursday 10th September (Week 7), UNSW Law Society are going to watch this year's Law Revue, 'The Blunder Games: Catching Liars,' at the Science Theatre. Law Revue is renowned for its jaw droppingly extravagant and side-splitting humorous show, and in 2015 is celebrating its 40th year! With many Law Soc students in the executive, cast and crew of Law Revue, it is a fantastic opportunity to support our fellow class mates in their production of an amazing show, take a break from the wondrous world of common law, and have a few laughs with our peers! Friends and non-Law students are more than welcome! We will meet at 6:30pm at The Whitehouse for drinks and food first, and will all go together for the start of the show at 7:30pm.

WHEN: 10th September 6:30pm
WHERE: The Whitehouse
HOW: Tickets are at the discounted price of $10 per person, and you will need to transfer $10 to the UNSW Law Society Bank account (Law Society of UNSW, BSB 062303, Account 28013693) and email a screenshot to!

"In a political world wracked by blunders, when democracy was brought to its knees and hope was all but lost, a new order rose up from the ashes and reforged politics anew.
Only the strong of heart, the strong of mind, and often the strong of upper-middle-class-wholesome-white-upbringing would lead.
Leaders forged in fire and tempered in blood - leaders chosen the only remaining and most exciting way they could be - combat.

Thus was born - The Blunder Games: Catching Liars"

For a sneak preview and more information about the show visit: and!

See you all there!