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Extraordinary General Meeting

When: Friday 28 August 2015 at 1-2pm
Where: LAW203

The Law Society will be holding an Extraordinary General Meeting on Friday 28 August, from 1-2pm to amend the UNSW Law Society Constitution.

There will be some very important constitutional amendments being discussed at this EGM, so we encourage all our members to attend. Lunch will be provided.

You can access the proposed changes to the Constitution here.

Should you wish to submit a proxy vote, you may do so using this form and by following the instructions below:


  1. Complete the attached proxy form, including your signature.

  2. Ask another member who will be attending the meeting to receive your proxy vote and sign the proxy form as well. If they do not attend the meeting, your proxy vote cannot be used.

  3. You must select whether your proxy can vote as they see fit, or; to vote as you indicate on the form with reference to the motions.

  4. Each attendee at the EGM may only hold one proxy vote - i.e. they may vote themselves and then vote on behalf of one other person. 

  5. Membership will be checked at the door.

  6. Completed proxy forms must be returned to the Secretary at by Thursday, 27 August 1pm or the proxy will be invalid.

For more information of queries, please contact Josh at