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Intervarsity Day

Location: Macquarie University

It's that time of the year again when the sporting prowess of each law school is put to the test in the Annual Intervarsity Day competition! The age old debate remains of which law school is the best and the battle wages from year to year as we try to prove our greatness atop the sporting forum. But in order to do so we need your help Law Students of UNSW, to fuel our great teams on the battlefield of Netball, Soccer and Touch Football.

All teams will be mixed - netball with max. 3 boys, touch with min. 2 girls and soccer with min. 3 girls. So we need everyone take up the mantle and get involved in IV Day! Recruit your friends and lets show those other law schools what UNSW is made of! Sign up now at!

Remember that IV Day is the Sunday after Law Ball! If you're going to sign up and commit to a team we will expect to see you there regardless of what happened the night before!!

Event Date and Start Time: Sunday August 16th 2015, 10am

Event Location: Macquarie University