At UNSW Law Society we recognise that everyone has something of value to contribute to each other. Mentoring provides the opportunity for important relationships to be made within our law school and with external professionals. These relationships allow for improving skills and knowledge, insight into particular topics, and making valuable new connections. In 2015 we will be running the following programs:


LawPLUS Peer Mentoring

LawPlus is run with the aim of smoothing the transition process for first year law students going into law school. The program caters for students who have started university for the first time, including those who have transferred into law from another degree or even from another university. It’s your gateway to university life! Sign up and you’ll be provided with fantastic mentors who you can have fun with and get filled in on the ins and outs of law school. The program runs during first semester with weekly group meetings comprised of a handful of new students and two senior law students that have been hand-selected to be your mentors.

To get the most out of your first year of law school, make some great friends, and start your university career with a bang, sign up to LawPLUS!

To find out more, email Sabrina and Joanna at


The JD/PG Impact Program

The JD/PG Impact Program is LawPLUS for JD/PG’s! It is a peer mentoring program designed to assist JD/PG students in making a successful transition into law school by organising fortnightly group meetings throughout the year with experienced JD/PG students.

As a mentee, you will regularly meet fellow students who have successfully adjusted to law school and can give you advice about studying law at UNSW. It is an opportunity to meet new people and interact with students who have managed to balance the rigours of this degree with other personal and professional commitments.

To find out more, email Celine and Sagang at


Herbet Smith Freehills Women’s Mentoring Program

This program provides an opportunity for older year female law students to learn and receive guidance from experienced female legal professionals, in order to help them plan and navigate a career in the legal industry.

To find out more, email


Career Compass Mentoring

The Career Compass Program aims to match legal professionals who are recent alumni with students. The program aims to provide students (having particular focus on older students) with insight into various legal professions through the guidance by experienced legal professionals.

Ideally, students will be given the opportunity to be matched with a mentor that is best suited to their future goals/ambitions/interests. These individuals will provide guidance on various issues such as (but not limited to): how to excel in the legal field, networking with new contacts and assistance with career goals.

The Career Compass program would provide an invaluable opportunity for students to really connect with alumni/representatives from sponsor firms, exposing them to what the legal profession has to offer.

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