Topic Areas and Sample Questions for 2014:

Remember, these essays are legal essays first and foremost!


1. Racial Discrimination Act:

Is section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cth) in its current form an appropriate restriction on freedom of speech?


2. Internet Piracy:

"The best way to combat piracy is to give consumers what they want".



3. A topic set by Prue Vines!

‘After Kable was decided, it was clear that the separation of powers doctrine applied to the state courts exercising federal jurisdiction. What did this do to the doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty in the states? Do any other aspects of the separation of powers now apply to interfere with the doctrines of parliamentary sovereignty, ministerial responsibility and the independence of the judiciary which are the doctrines which have traditionally been said to apply to the Australian states?’


4. Ministerial Corruption and Political Donations:

It is been suggested that New South Wales should adopt a model of full public funding for politicians, political parties and election campaigns. Do you agree?


5. Citizens' Initiated Referenda

It is been suggested that Australia should adopt citizens' initiated referenda, whereby laws can be made after being supported by a petition of citizens and then passed at a referendum. Do you support this change to our system of government?


Watch this space as more topics will be added!

The UNSW Law Society would like to also thank Kathy Bowrey, George Williams, Prue Vines for contributing to this list of questions!

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