Taylor Swift: The Law Student

By Sami Joshi, Arts/Law II 

Taylor Swift’s music is usually associated with the pangs of love and revenge. However, only a person who listens to her albums on repeat would notice she perfectly encapsulates the law school experience. So even if you don’t listen to her music – actually, who am I kidding, everyone listens to her music – even if you don’t listen to her music often, law students should appreciate the relevance of her artistry.

Blank Space:

So it’s 4pm on enrolment day and you’re eagerly waiting to fill up those blank spaces on your timetable. You see that one teacher’s name and think, ‘oh my God, look at that face, you look like, my next mistake, law’s a game, wanna play?’. The semester starts and your teacher begins to notice your lateness and failure to contribute to class discussions, and you regret not mentioning that you had ‘a long list of ex-teachers, they’ll tell you I’m insane[ly lazy]’. But when you hand in that 2500 word essay and your teacher starts complaining about the amount of marking… well the fact is ‘teachers only want essays cause they’re torture’. Because ultimately, law is a nightmare dressed like a potentially high-earning and stable career.


Mooting is known to be a rewarding way to display your research and auditory capabilities – but it’s also a way to impress that guy (you know the one) with the James Dean daydream look in his eye. You apply that red lip classic thing, and with your good (girl) faith and a tight little pencil skirt you know he’ll finally get your number. If you have an attractive judge, you know you won’t be able to keep your wild eyes on the case.

Wildest Dreams:

Getting a coveted clerkship at one of the big six law firms is really only in some of our wildest dreams. ‘Freehill’s so large, and prestigious as hell… they make clerks work such long hours but they do it so well…’. They’ll see you in hindsight, doing your application all night…and when they reject you, you know that resume will follow them around. You end up just hoping they’ll remember you, standing in a Cue dress about to walk into your interview, babe. 

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together:

You finally finish the dreaded semester and all you just look at those coffee-stained textbooks and think, we(eeeeee) are never ever ever, getting back together. You remember during the semester, when you hadn’t seen your textbook in a month, cos’ you said you needed space (What?). Then you went around again and said, baby I miss you and I swear I’m gonna read you more, trust me. But remember how that lasted for a day? You say, ‘I hate you’, I read you, you help me with my CP mark, ‘I love you’. But this time you’re like ‘I mean, you’re just exhausting and boring and like we are never ever getting back together, like ever’. 

So, Sorry Kanye, Taylor Swift has the most relatable music of ALL TIME.

By Sami Joshi